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The Specialized Agency for Digital Publishers & Products

Digital Publishing is ruled by news publisher SEO and we are a one-stop shop for all the SEO audit components, our forte being editorial audits.

Traditional tactics no longer work for B2B LeadGen, and we adopt a multitouch-multichannel approach that yields qualified opportunities.  


We understand these markets like no other – and we deliver results!

Top SEO Services For
News & Publishing Websites

  • News website SEO is a different ball game altogether compared to other businesses’ website SEO
    It requires a trained eye to zero in on the latest trends, see how they’re working, and figure out how they can be leveraged.

    We take a dynamic approach to keep up with everyday keywords, harness the power of the best research tools, and help you up your publishing game. 

  • Successful SEO requires a result-oriented approach
    But there is a short and narrow window to get ranked on Google News and Google Discover.

    We help you grasp this limited window of opportunity via our data-driven approach, so you get it right the very first time, since retrospective optimization is not an option in this industry.  

  • Trending, targeted content can get you maximum traffic – Adherence to the right processes and utilization of the right mechanism guarantees increased visibility and top search results.

    We’re the only agency in India that specializes in news publisher SEO – prime among which are editorial audits that include content assessment, google trend monitoring, and niche content cues. 


Some of Our Digital Media and Publishing Clients

Specialist/Best Demand Gen Agency For B2B Business

  • B2B lead generation is very different from typical digital marketing, and we get that
    What converts in B2B sales are not just any leads but high-quality leads.

    We start by adopting focused account-based marketing vs. traditional digital marketing used by other agencies, to bring you high-quality leads, primed for your offering, with a full-suite of strategic marketing and sales tactics that we employ. 

  • Thinking outside the funnel
    At Web Step-Up, we ‘think outside the funnel’ - swapping the traditional sales funnel vision with holistic methods that influence prospects to make purchase decisions from even before they enter your sales funnel and even after they’re through it.

    This involves monitoring and engaging with prospects across a host of channels in different ways. 

  • A proprietary platform that covers different use cases – Aiding in this endeavor to give our clients the latest and the best, is a proprietary platform that we’ve worked on called BridgeGap.

    The platform covers use cases in line with what B2B marketeers are typically searching for, plus it has some really nifty tools like the ‘comparison tool’ which is one of our custom-made offerings. 


Some of Our Successful Partnerships in B2B Marketing

For this technology service provider, we launched their credit assessment platform on a pan-India basis, harnessing leads from our email marketing and LinkedIn outreach campaigns to great success.

For India’s largest logistics company, we improve traffic and brand awareness during their crucial IPO phase via a complete website revamp and ORM around brand terms.

Generated leads and registrations for branded quizzes and improved page reach and engagement on social accounts

To promote this Sales CRM tool, we conducted end-to-end B2B marketing activities in India and the Middle East including email campaigns for digital sales, social accounts handling, and paid ad campaigns for niche targets.

Undertook email marketing campaigns & promotional email activity for all festive occasions for their bank loyalty programs. Also, provided QC assistance for all BFSI loylty programs.

For this US-based kids carpooling app, we undertook end-to-end digital marketing activities for both B2B (schools) and B2C (parents) via SEO and social media and successfully piloted it and launched it all across the US.

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