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The ONLY course required to STEPUP your SEO Game!

Advance SEO Course for Publishers


If you're one these then this course is for you...

Best practices of SEO required by digital publishers in 2023.

Improve your visibility on Google News and Google Discover


Modules Offered

Module-1: Digital Publisher SEO 


How to rank higher than my amazon listing

Module-2: Tech SEO


How to Optimize News Website Architecture? (Core web Vitals)

Module-3: Off Page SEO

Tiny man sitting on chair with laptop on checklist background.jpg

Off Page SEO tips for publishers in gaming niche

Module-4: Google Products


How Digital Publishers can effectively use Google Trends?

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Module-5: Content Creation for Publishers


A Must Try Content Format for Publishers-Web Stories

Module-6: Social Media


How do I analyze my YouTube channel?

Module-7: Online Reputation Management


ORM Activities for keeping a tab on your online presence

Module-8: Audience Behaviour and Targeting


How do I find audience insights through Google Analytics?

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