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App Store Optimization (ASO) 

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving an app's listing on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. We help you to list your app on app stores and rank better by using relevant keywords that are trending in your niche category. Set up you app store page with us today!

Some of Our Clients

Some Web and Mobile Applications we've helped:

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SEO Audit Components

An audit is the first step towards successful SEO. Leverage our data driven approach to do a result-oriented audit of your site.

Competitor Research Audit

Know what your competitors have unique in them, their marketing strategies and promotional tactics. Learn from it and build a roadmap.

Appstore & Play Store Discoverability Keyword Audit

A focus on keywords will help to improve app store visibility. 

On App store pages, people often search with long-tail keywords and that's where your app might get discovered!

App Metadata Audit

Every element of your App Store product page has the power to drive downloads of your app. Analyzing meta assets is the important step in an effective ASO audit. 

App Graphic Audit

Visual asset is a key ranking factor for App success.

App icon, screenshots or promo banners are the attraction factor for any user. Make sure you have these essential factors in place!  

Reviews and Rating Audit 

Reviews and ratings might affect your page's visibility. Good ratings moreover positive ratings will help you to rank higher on app store!

Why Choose Web-StepUp?

Only agency in India to have a dedicated focus towards mobile applications

Extensive experience in scenarios involving large sites with dynamic content

Dedicated team to manage tech issues which impact SEO in apps

Successful relationships with leading app developing companies and individuals in the country



Rahul Shrivastava - CEO


The team has a good understanding of the latest trends in the media industry. This differentiates them from other agencies


Prashant Singh -

Ex-Product Manager

Getting the right technical and data analytics insight is what product SEO is all about. The team has the necessary skills for that


Sandeep Sarma - Digital Marketing Head

We sought their help to do a full fledged CMS audit before getting their advice for the SEO of our digital entertainment properties.


Darshan Beloshe - SEO Manager 


The team did a great job of helping us out with various aspects of SEO of our main movie news site.

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