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Chat bots

Chatbots are rage and here to stay and the reasons are not tough to guess. The biggest reason is  a cost efficiency involved and it also helps employees focus on the most important tasks and leaving the manual and repetitive tasks to chatbots.

Chat bots can be deployed across business departments like HR, customer service, marketing and ops although marketing and customer service are the first departments where chat bots are becoming very visible today. We can help you create chat BOTS exactly customized to a business process whether it is a HR process or a marketing process and we can also help you make intelligent Chatbots.

  • Automation Opportunity

Intelligent conversation or human-like conversation can be obtained with the help of chat bots by using tools like Google API.AI which help you create tons of different scenarios of conversations and also help you create various combinations on permutations of response based on what the user has said.

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