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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing has transformed from just getting the email out to sending the right email at the right time and thus creating a connection with the consumer. To attend this objective smart digital marketing strategy would leverage the power of email marketing and sometimes SMS marketing together Email marketing has become a mix of smart segmentation content and data-driven testing to zero down on the right email marketing strategy. Email marketing services include:


Automation opportunity


Email automation is typically the first kind of marketing automation that companies do. With the help of complex rules, it is possible to automate email in various scenarios like sending emails to someone who has opened or clicked on a particular link in a particular mail Sending specific kind of emails to people who have spent sometimes a minute on your website Testing multiple variations of emails with smaller groups has become a norm to analyze and understand what works best. It must also be noted that email has to be connected real-time to the main data source of your company like the CRM system to create a personalized email experience

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