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How Digital Publishers can effectively use Google Trends?

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Are you pitching to or working in the news? Then you want to dig into the Trending Searches data. As mentioned before, the real-time trending searches lists how many Google News articles have been created about a trending topic each hour. Once you select a topic, the bar charts show the newly-added articles that hour and the cumulative total.


You can see how the news may lead or follow the search trend. The articles listed are the top articles based on the Google News' ranking system, per Google. If you subscribe to specific topics, you can monitor which publications rank well. Focus on pitching those publications that are regularly featured on your topics. If you are a publisher, audit those competitors to see if you can update your structured data or Publisher Center information to get on their level.

Course PPT

In this ppt, you will get practical guidance to check google trends. 
The following points are discussed in this PPT 

  • Timing is important 

  • Audience intent with the search keywords usage 

  • Developing story example 

  • Benefits  of using trending keywords in articles 

Another Helpful Video

In this video, you will learn how to use Google's free tool Google Trends to understand search volume, guide your business and marketing decisions, and predict the future!

  • The Home Page

  • The Search Bar

  • Related Topics and Queries

  • Comparing Topics 

  • Using Categories

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