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What is



Marketing Automation is the use of software to automate marketing actions like publishing Social Media Posts , sending out emails , and so on and automate repetitive tasks , that would otherwise have been performed manually

Why Marketing Automation

  • CRM Integration : Helps make sure Leads don't disappear after a couple of unsuccessful attempts

  • Data Collection : Helps provide better insights and can be used to collect specific data to improve future campaigns and communication

  • Multichannel Management : With the growing no of channels a consumer can be found , Marketing Automation helps you keep tabs on any channel

  • Consistency : Makes sure all Marketing efforts are incorporated into one process 

  • Personalisation : Automation tailors the experience based on every users interaction making it a unique and more inviting experience and will more likely lead to a conversation

Building Blocks of Marketing Automation


 CRM automation means using the  technology available to monitor specific events in the entire customer relationship process ie both sales and support to trigger an automatic reaction based on that event without a person being involved.

Data Analytics

Marketing Automation Software is the cure for all the data management problems , gelping you make the most from your available data.Marketing Automation provides a Cloud-based platform which helps you manage and store data easily , while the incorporation of data cleansing tools ensure that the data is accurate and most importantly up-to-date.<arketing Automation combined with a variety of analysis tools can help convert your jumbled datasets into clear and actionable plans for company growth.

Chat Bot

The main goal of any marketing endeavor is ensuring customer satisfaction , so being available 24/7 for assistance is the best thing to provide to make customers feel cared and valued throughout the sales cycle.From a human standpoint, it's impossible or very expensive , but for Chatbots , its easy.They can be programmed to offer answers instantly to customers, at any time of the day and more importantly ,Chatbots can be programmed to communicate in a consistent brand voice,thus acting as an extension of your brand's user experience.

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