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Off Page SEO Tips for Digital Publishers App in Gaming Niche


The gaming industry is booming like before. With new generation interactive games making their mark on the players, gaming sites have become one of the primary sources of entertainment worldwide. With expansion of the gaming industry, SEO for gaming sites has seen a surge in demand. Gaming sites are one of the most competitive sites in the world. The gaming industry is massive, and with improper implementation of Offpage SEO for gaming sites, they are bound to fail.  
Let’s understand some of the key aspects of what makes a gaming site successful 

1) Make Use of Your Existing Audience
You would be foolish to ignore your existing gamers, but as we know, a lot of marketing time gets spent on attracting new customers for most niches.Always ask for feedback from your gamers. If you have to provide an incentive for it, do so, because it’s invaluable to get feedback from your loyal audience.

2) Local SEO
Local SEO is something that doesn’t always get prioritized when a company doesn’t actually do business locally, but it’s still a good idea to cover the local search basics for your business location.
3) Reviews
There are lots of really good game review sites and while you might not get a followed link, you might get a nofollowed one or you might just have to be content with the review itself


4) Make Full Use of Social Media
Like all of us, gamers have short attention spans when it comes to the Web, so grabbing their attention with valuable information is critical.

i) Twitter
Call of Duty’s Twitter account has almost 2 million followers. They post photos and videos and don’t just tweet out links where you can buy their newest game; they tweet about different game championships going on, concept images that inspired characters and scenes, contests, etc.

Nintendo’s Facebook account has close to 3 million likes. Many of their posts have more than 500 comments and/or 1,500 likes. They do a good job of promoting their games and telling you where you can buy them based on current promotions. 

iii) YouTube
IGN has a great set of videos on YouTube. Their video for “45 Awesome Games of E3 2014” currently has more than 94,000 views and more than 300 comments.

iv) Pinterest
As with anything visual like games, an image platform can be a nice part of how you market online. Battlefield’s Pinterest account has a lot of cool boards.

v) Instagram
Astro Gaming has a cool Instagram account where they photos of pro leagues, gaming news, gaming events, gaming products, etc. 


5) Administering Link Building on Gaming Forums
Gaming forums and discussions boards are the best target area pertaining to SEO for gaming sites. Link building services play a major role in these forums. Gaming forums are the perfect place to increase the social interaction of gamers and attracting attention towards your gaming website. 

Course PPT

Here is an example of a gaming site app off-page strategy presentation. 

The following points are discussed, 

  • Reddit potential for cricket game app as an example 

  • Geo-targeted meme suggestions 

  • Quora potential for cricket game app 

  • Twitch forum suggestions 

  • Track trending conversations using the ORM tool 

  • Influencer marketing 

  • Guest post ideas 

  • Niche game forum submission groups 

In this video, get brief information about a backlink and what it takes to get high-quality backlinks for your gaming websites. 

Following points discussed in this video, 

  • What a backlink is and what it takes to get high-quality backlinks for your industry.  

  • Backlinking master plan for step-by-step on how to build high-quality backlinks.   

  • High-quality vs. low-quality backlinks 

Another Helpful Video

If you’re new to SEO and link building, this complete beginner’s tutorial video will teach you the principles and strategies to get powerful and high-quality backlinks in 2022.

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