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10 Tips Of SEO For App Based Businesses

SEO is an important part for any website or a mobile app.ASO(App store optimization) is the SEO for mobile apps.Mobile app developers and business owners need to pay close attention towards the ranking of their app once they release it on Play store or Apple Store. Attention span of the audience browsing on the app store is quite less as they have plenty of options in the same category.This is the main reason why SEO is so important to conduct.Users look at your apps overall interface and reviews and then decide whether to download the app or not.

Downloads play an important role for any app.To get higher number of downloads is a challenging task and hence your SEO strategy needs to be strong.Don’t worry about how to make your SEO strategy strong enough to rank on play store.

For any app to succeed,having their presence on the internet is important too.This can be achieved by a ‘website’.On the site, you must give a good display picture of your app and build blogs pertaining to your content.These blogs will take the user to your site and then to your app as it gives a clear idea about your app and initiates the user to download it.

Here are some tips that you can make use of to get your app noticed.

  1. Selecting the right keywords

Choosing correct keywords is essential for an app.Targeting audience is a herculean task and can be done correctly only if you choose the keywords explaining your app’s purpose clearly..It will rank your app in the category as it would help the search engine to identify your app based on your keywords.People find it easy to search an app if keywords are placed right!

2. Use Attractive Title

Apps must have a precise,short and creative title.Title makes it easier for users to identify with your app and also attracts them to download your app.Title must contain keywords as the search engine would find it and rank it in your category.For example,for a clothing brand app,it should have the brand’s name and words like ‘men clothing’,’women clothing’,’kurtis & skirts’ and a good description as per the category of the products.

3. Keyword rich URL

It is very important to have your URL induced with proper keyword.As the site gets crawled and indexed,it would track down the site with the keyword and make it rank on SERP accordingly.This will help your site to reach its target audience.Many people miss out on this important step,due to which it doesn’t get indexed and misses out on it’s target audience.

4. Good Description

Make sure that you write an elaborate,detailed and keyword rich description.During,ASO description is essentially checked for keywords and an app with a good description will push the user to download your app.It is hardly a 5% users who click on ‘Read more’ but the few lines of your description will give a brief idea and affect their decision to install your app.Hence,description should be clear,precise and keyword rich.

5. Write Good Quality Content

Usually,Google ranks pages through what it calls an authority.It identifies the pages and ranks them according to engagement and inbound links.A page with quality links and mentions is ranked higher compared to the one with little or no quality links.These mentions can be generated only if the content on your page is apt and of good quality,You must focus in writing good description,in-app content etc.

6. Make use of analytics

Through the use of analytical tools,developers and businesses can track down the performance of the app.Google Analytics,App Annie etc. are some of the tools that can be used by the developers to check how the app performed after its release and to get insights about demographics,number of downloads,age of the people who downloaded your app etc.A/B testing is one of the effective ways for analytics for mobile apps.It tells you what is affecting the performance of the app and provides solution to resolve it.

7. Make a catchy icon

For mobile app, the first thing that is identified first is the icon.On the play store,the preview shows the icon and name of the app thus its important to place a catchy icon.Also, the icon must clearly give out the message about the app.

8. Keep an eye on the competitors

It is important to get an edge over the competitors and for that you must pay attention to your competitors.What strategies have they used?What promotional techniques do they apply? a role in increasing the number of downloads.This information does help you to understand how you will improve your app.

9. Promote your app

Letting people know about your app is important.Make sure you promote the app to your target audience effectively.One of the effective ways to do this is Mobile App Install Ads. It showcases your ads on various platforms and hence promotes your app.

10. Review and Ratings

Reviews given by the users are extremely important and you must pay attention to them.Try to reply them and resolve their issues.This gives a good impression about the developer and also the app performance gets improved by it.A happy user gives a good rating to your app only if you engage with the audience.



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