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8 Key Metrics of YouTube Analytics That Matter The Most

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Each marketing professional focuses on certain metrics to monitor the success of a particular campaign. YouTube Analytics is a free tool provided by YouTube for the creators to analyze the channel's potential growth and focus on the trends of the audience.

Among the various metrics in the analytics tab of YouTube, we have focused on 8 important factors that will help in optimum results and rank videos better in search results.

01. Watch Time

The total amount of minutes that users have spent watching your videos is known as watch time. This is one of the most important metrics, because this tells the actual amount of time users have spent on your videos. The higher the watch time, the algorithm of YouTube decides the better the video is for other users and ranks the video better in search results and recommendations. The watch time report denotes the watch time in minutes and the total views of the channel and each individual video.

02. Average Percentage Viewed

Average percentage viewed denotes the engaging power of each video. Having a high average percentage viewed also helps the algorithm to provide better search rankings and recommendations. In simple terms, the average percentage viewed metric helps creators in understanding what type of content keeps the users engaged in the video and how long.

03. Impressions Click-Through Rate

Impressions Click-Through Rate is a metric that determines how attractive is the video. It determines the compelling power of the title, description and the thumbnail. After seeing an impression on YouTube or any other platform, will the user click the link and watch the video. The click through rate is always high when the video is just uploaded, because of the clicks of subscriber's loyalty. Eventually it reduces with time.

04. Audience Retention

Audience retention metric shows you the the percentage of users that view and leave your video at every second of the video. The better the audience retention, the better search ranking and recommendations. Creators can determine the trending part of the content, the part of the video is most engaging for the audience. This can help in understanding the audience and predicting the type of future content that will be popular with the users. The relative retention graph is the best video and it is compared with all your other videos with the graph of absolute retention graph.

05. User Enagement

Users do not just watch the video, they get connected to the content inside the video and have various reactions and they express this through likes, dislikes, shares and comments. The YouTube’s Interaction Report gives an insight on the response of the content in the videos. This metric lets us understand the response and proper planning will help in creating videos matching the expectations from the users and targeting similar audience in the future.

06. Card Click Rate

Cards are Call-To-Action Slide in plugins, that are inserted during the video. They act as an action to keep the user within the same channel and engaged in not only one video but all the videos of the channel. This report helps in understanding the number of clicks and how many users actually use them. It also helps in deciding the optimum time in the video to insert or slide cards. To place the cards in the optimum moment of the video can be very beneficial to the creator.

07. Unique Viewers

Unique Viewers is the number of viewers that view the video over a certain period of time. This metric lets creators understand the size of the audience. If the unique viewers number is less than the subscriber count, that means the subscribers do not watch the videos regularly or have lost interest in the channel. This metric helps in re-purposing the strategy that is currently in use and helps in creating a strategy focused on the entire audience.

08. Traffic Source

Social platforms and other websites embed YouTube videos and generate traffic through various sources. This traffic source report in the analytics tab gives an idea from where did the users find the video. Promoting videos on the right platform that can gather the right amount of traffic, these insights are provided in this report.

Watch the video to understand these metrics.

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