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Best Alternatives to BuzzSumo and PublishThis: Top Tools to Consider in 2020

Updated: May 18, 2020

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If you are into the online marketing world, you would have heard tools like PublishThis and BuzzSumo. They are the best tool in content marketing with really great features and take your content creation on the next level. But, some small-sized businesses with limited budgets won't find it needy because of their pricing plans. So we are here for you guys who are taking note of BuzzSumo alternatives, PublishThis alternatives or best content marketing tools for small ventures.

First, we will go through BuzzSumo and PublishThis. PublishThis assists businesses with better engagement to their customers through content service. Retailers, media houses, and brands of all sizes can use PublishThis' content cloud application to curate and distribute captivating content across any digital medium.

BuzzSumo analyzes a huge amount of content, making robust and complete information available to businesses of all sizes. You can also get insight on which content is trending? why? and which influencer can amplify it.

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Best alternatives for BuzzSumo and PublishThis:

1. Social Animal

Social Animal is one of the preferred tools for content research where content marketers can deeply research on top trending topics or content for any keyword. It also gives quality keyword insight experiences with past performance data. It also has a needy influencer research tool. We hope that the above video (Social Animal as a BuzzSumo alternative) can give you more ideas about features and user experience.

  • Analyze top performing articles in your search circle and get extended information and analytical stats.

  • With millions of articles suggested, curation is made simple.

  • Monitor and analyze your competitors to look at their best content and Facebook strategies.


  • Multi-user not available. is a platform to make content distributing substantially more time-efficient and affecting positively for online marketing and knowledge sharing within the organisation.

Utilized by thousands of companies and agencies to overcome content marketing including increasing web traffic, SEO, and lead generation. It is one of the recommended tools for PublishThis and BuzzSumo alternatives.

  • The ideal set of tools which can help you write, elaborate ideas and designing content.

  • Set buyer personas so users can target content to their most valuable audiences.

  • Ability to access and restore past versions of content.


  • No drag and drop feature.

  • the overall suggested content are also included from less reputed sources.

3. Content Studio

ContentStudio is a multi-purpose content marketing application and social media tool that allows you to find, create and share the best content available. Perfect for SMBs, Enterprises, Ecommerce Stores and Bloggers for proficient management of their content on different social channels.

  • It is the perfect tool for discovering trending content, managing multiple social media networks, recycling evergreen posts, analyzing performance, collaborating with the working team and a lot more.

  • A suite of products for publishing, planning, analytics and automation to help your marketing department work and collaborate efficiently.

  • Has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It is especially recommended for content curation and easily automated posting to both blogs and social media.


  • Some users have found glitches in the RSS adder option.

4. UpContent

UpContent is one of the better ways to discover, collaborate, and distribute relevant third-party content that helps turn leads into loyal customers. With these features and integration with Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Buffer, Lately, and many other applications it is one of the recommended options as PublishThis or BuzzSumo alternatives.

  • A challenge of discovering, distributing some valuable / trending content to customers, your marketing team and prospects without disturbing their workflow.

  • With this application, it is observed that content research time is reduced by 65% on average.

  • UpContent's suggestions are used by online marketers around the globe to boost their social media, email marketing, and website conversion efforts as well as support their original content creation.


  • There are occasional glitches where users are unable to adjust the date or time for a post. In addition, sometimes the content does not seem to refresh.

5. ShareIt by SocialPilot

If we are speaking about what can be PublishThis alternatives? Or BuzzSumo alternatives. ShareIt by SocialPilot stands a chance to be a worthy tool and one of the best content marketing tools to use.

It is a fully free-to-use tool which combines "content curation" and "influencer discovery" to provide you with relevant content. Keeping social engagement alive with your customers is essential for any business in today's fast-paced world. ShareIt helps you to discover, curate, and share the latest content.

  • Filter by relevance and time.

  • Share the content to your social accounts directly.


  • the number of influencers for any keyword is limited (10-12).

Key Takeaways are:

Content marketers always tend to search on BuzzSumo alternatives or optional tools for PublishThis. We have covered up some alternatives which are said as the best content marketing tools. Hope you found it really useful and start using one of the above tools which suit your marketing budgets.

PublishThis and BuzzSumo alternatives key takeaway table with pricing

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