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Best Free Alternatives Tools for Klear and Scrunch in 2020

Do you think Scrunch and Klear are way too costly and don't fit in your business budget? Want some tips for choosing a Social Media Influencer marketing tool that suits your business? Guys, your search ends here!! We suggest you some suitable, low pricing influencer marketing tools with applicable features.

Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing tool that is intended to empower brands and offices to find the right bloggers and social media influencers. Scrunch has one of the world's biggest influencer databases with more than 20 million profiles and billions of information sets.

Klear is one of the world's top Influencer Marketing tool. It engages online marketers with a straightforward influencer search engine, influencers profiles, social monitoring tools, and campaign analytics.

The platform gives the most profound accessible entity-level data in excess of 500 million social accounts. For small businesses, spending heavy bucks on these influencer marketing tools won't be affordable. That is why we totally cover you with Scrunch and Klear alternatives.

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To Begin with, Here is the Pricing Comparison Chart:

pricing table for social media influencer tools

Best free alternatives for Klear and Scrunch

1. Hypeauditor

HypeAuditor is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Instagram analytics tool that helps you secure authenticity in influencer marketing. It uses machine learning to decide user behaviour patterns, fake social accounts and engagement on Instagram. Analytics tool helps to protect genuineness in influencer marketing.

  • HypeAuditor helps marketing agencies, brands and influencer platforms to guarantee that the social audience is organic and not loaded up with low-quality accounts.

  • HypeAuditor represents users with total engagement, social reach and demographics information for influencers followers.

  • Find influencers with the audience you need inside a 10M+ database.

  • Fraud detection by analyzing influencer profiles and taking notice of suspicious spikes in follower growth or auto-generated comments by bots that can uncover fraud.


  • Search results are low for the brands who are looking for micro-influencers.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a one-stop solution for all the content related research, recommending trends and total analysis of social media. It is also recognized as one of the top online social media analytics tools. An efficient tool to grow your brand audience, follow and connect with key influencers.

"Find Influencer" feature includes two different ways to discover the influencer you need, one where you can discover an influencer with a similar objective audience as you require and the second way is discovering top digital content creators in a specific industry.

  • Keep a tab on your competitor’s social media content progress and know key influencers in your niche.

  • For any topic or website, Buzzsumo provides you with info on most shared links and top influencers.

  • Suggest you best trending topics for content writing and find influencers in your circle.

  • Monitoring engagement of any project can be done by just adding links to an influencer social campaign (blogging only).


  • The only limitation is that influencer search results are from Facebook and Twitter.

3. AspireIQ

AspireIQ is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms for creating top-quality content. It streamlines management, influencer search, and analytics, making it simple to make genuine influencer relationships at scale.

  • Find and recruit social influencers through an exclusive influencer marketplace or across social networks. Build profile sets of niche influencers with their respective follower's data.

  • Break down demographics and psychographic attributes of influencers and their audience to comprehend their brand affinities and interests.

  • Make automated influencer marketing program work processes to structure the creation, survey, and approval of contributed work.

  • Assess the process of influencers and related marketing campaigns. Rank influencers as per social impact on key execution pointers (KPIs) for example revenue, brand mentions on social networks and contributed work.


  • Sometimes shows irrelevant influencers in the recommendations tab.

  • There have been a few glitches on the platform. One that comes up often is the confusion with creators on how to submit content attachments for review on the platform.

4. FollowerWonk

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool to guide users with collecting and analyzing information on twitter accounts, trending on twitter, and expanding reach with the help of graphical data. Analytical information to find exact business targets, identifying by locations, interests, who they follow, comparing twitter profiles and more features are included in the paid version. Whereas in the free version you can get social authority rank, followers most active time and days, 50 profile searches per day.

With Followerwonk, organizations can discover and connect with brand influencers in their particular markets, contrast relationships with friends and competing brands, and effectively optimize campaigns by coordinating activities that increase engagement. The application additionally makes it simple for users to picture their information and offer their reports with only a couple of clicks.

  • Finds and highlights the followers with the largest and most influential followings.

  • Allows tracking of influencer's activity

  • The search for twitter influencers is based on keywords mentioned in profile bios.


  • Search results couldn't identify inactive Twitter accounts.

5. Grin

Grin is a straightforward, a membership-based, software application that helps you run an influencer marketing campaign in your intended way. With Grin you get the frameworks and information you need while holding unlimited oversight of your influencer connections.

  • Find high-quality influencers with recruitment tools, automate email outreach and follow-up, execute campaigns, and grow influencer connections.

  • Group your influencers with specific attributes, brand initiatives and campaigns. Activate individual segments and assign levels of ownership.

  • Collaborate and engage with influencers around influencer marketing campaigns. Maintain tabs of past partnerships and communications.


  • Sometimes application slows down when too many members are working at the same time.

Key Takeaways are:

There it is…

Scrunch and Klear alternatives that can be just as powerful at improving your social media Influencer marketing at a lower monthly cost and helping to maximize your brand voice.

Still undecided on which tool will work best for you? No worries. Most offer a free trial, so feel free to take them for a test spin.

Key takeaways table and pricing for social media influencer tool

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