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Best CRM Softwares In Malaysia

Updated: May 20, 2020


Are you looking for the best CRM software in Malaysia? There are many CRM solutions available today and no wonder why you would get lost in making a decision on which one to choose. While you are looking for the best software in Malaysia, first you should clearly understand the purpose of using a CRM and how it can help you. Watch this really interesting video created by Zoho, one of the leading CRM software, which explains clearly and in the most simple terms what a CRM is and what are the benefits of using a CRM.

So, Customer Relationship Management software has become a must-have for growing businesses as it can help to get a deeper understanding of their prospects and customers and manage the sales pipeline better. Whether you are a start-up, a small business or an enterprise a CRM solution can bring in a lot of order and clarity to your various business functions like Marketing, Sales and Customer service.

Comparison of features of Top CRM Softwares in Malaysia

Here is a tabular representation of the top features of the CRM Softwares we have discussed here.

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There are a huge number of CRMs available in Malaysia today and their pricing varies greatly from one provider to another. There are some free CRM Softwares as well, like the HubSpot CRM. So which one do you choose? You may be tempted to go with a free CRM software or a low cost one. It’s absolutely fine if they provide you all the features you want for your business. After all, each business has different needs. But unfortunately, these free CRMs and the low-cost ones offer only limited features, and you may not be able to enjoy the complete benefits of a complete CRM software that many other counterparts provide. Of course pricing matters, but for selecting the most appropriate CRM for your business you should also consider the features provided by the CRM software, features that you need for your business and take a call.

In this blog, we help you choose the best CRM software in Malaysia, by bringing to you the features of top CRM Softwares in Malaysia like Zoho,, SecondCRM and Reach CRM and a comparison of their features. We have also included a few tips to help choose the best CRM software for your business.

Features of Top CRM Softwares in Malaysia

Zoho CRM is one of the most popular CRM software available in the market today with quite a lot of advanced features like Page Layouts, Sandbox, and advanced customization options that include Conditional fields, Lead Scoring, and Business process mapping. Zoho’s expanded multichannel support for phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings makes it one of the most tightly integrated systems available today. Zoho CRM leverages the most advanced technologies like their AI. With Zoho CRM, you get an AI-powered sales assistant, Zia, providing you advanced interpretations, solutions, and predictions for your salespeople. Zoho CRM makes the life of salespeople much easier with features like workflow automation, real-time notifications, and built-in gamification. It thus allows them to spend more time actually selling, and less time taking care of other tasks like updating information and tracking them.

Top Features of Zoho CRM

Salesforce automation, in fact, is considered to be one of the core functionalities of a CRM software. It is all about organizing contacts, managing leads and close a deal. Zoho CRM has advanced automation capabilities that save your sales team by automatically completing many of the routine tasks like sending emails, updating required fields, scheduling follow-up tasks, assigning leads, etc. It helps you right from capturing leads and identifying the ones that will convert, following up, contact management, deal management, account management until a deal is closed.

Marketing automation functionality in a CRM software platform helps the marketing of your business. Zoho has an independent tool known as the Zoho marketing hub. The Zoho marketing hub helps you with campaign creation to social media marketing management. It also helps to bring both the sales team and marketing teams on the same page regarding new leads. The Zoho marketing hub has advanced features that enable you to do many useful things like executing targeted email marketing campaigns or compare Ad spend to sales revenue with Google Ads integration.

Inventory management is an important feature if you have an eCommerce business. Zoho CRM has a powerful inventory management system to help you keep track of your inventory. It comes with powerful stock management and warehouse management capabilities and enables you to manage orders with end to end product tracking. Zoho CRM also has seamless integration with Zoho Books (Zoho’s accounting software) and thus your sales team will have access to customer’s credit history, purchase patterns, payment details, and current inventory levels. The integration with Zoho Books syncs all your contacts automatically and helps you manage inventory more seamlessly.

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Pricing: $12/user/month

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Quickdesk is a simplified CRM software helping salespeople to better track their sales activities and manage leads to boost sales and productivity. It has a very simple interface similar to excel and thus enables easy lead management.

1.Available on mobile: It is available on App Store and Playstore. The mobile app enables you to work on your CRM wherever you go.

2. Set Goals and track activity: You can set activity or income goals in and track its progress with automatic tracking available in

3. Import/Export contact: You can easily import/export your contacts to/from spreadsheets from/to It also allows you to group them into categories and tags for easier filtering or sorting.

4. Mass Communications: QucikDesk has a hunter dashboard that lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with them. You can thus contact all your customers quite seamlessly and simultaneously as well.

5. Organized client information: QuickDesk helps you keep all your client data organized. Keeping track of all the bits and pieces you get is easy with

6. Real-Time-Calling: You can directly call your clients from QucikDesk. It also has an option to record your calls to ensure that you can note down any valuable information later as well.

7. Quotations: QuickDesk has a quotations generator with which you can send quotations to your customers.

8. Invoice: You can also send invoices to your customers from QuickDesk. You can create invoices from scratch or use pre-loaded templates, enter the relevant details and generate invoices very easily. Entering data repeatedly is quite annoying while creating invoices. Quickdesk takes this burden off you and automatically fills up this information for you from your leads contact book.

Pricing: Not available


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Second CRM is an award-winning CRM solution in Malaysia, which can help small to mid-market businesses improve their business operations by automating them using the internet and mobile technologies. It has a lot of features to automate your operations in Sales, Marketing as well as Customer service.

Second CRM is a very flexible and easy to use CRM solution that adapts to most of the businesses, and at the same time very cost-effective. It helps you bring all your teams on the same page by providing a single view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, support, and backend operations.

Second CRM can definitely reduce the workload of your employees and increase their productivity by letting them focus more of their time and energy on what matters the most- “Your Customer”. Obviously, satisfied and loyal customers can bring in more profit to your business.

1. SalesForce Automation

Second CRM lets you efficiently manage your sales force with its sales automation features. You can access information anywhere anytime, quickly recap all the customer-related conversations just before any meeting and close deals quickly. There are multiple charts and reports that can help sales managers help manage sales as well as gain in-depth insights to make better decisions to improve sales. With Second CRM, you can set and monitor effective sales targets across your team, manage multi-channel retailing, integrate with your telemarketing call center for unified reporting and much more.

2. Marketing automation

With Second CRM marketing automation features, you can easily create high engaging email and SMS marketing campaigns by picking the right segment from your contacts database and generate quality leads that can be passed over to sales teams to follow up. It has a UI that is easy to use and has a lot of design templates to create effective marketing campaigns.

3. Billing automation

Whether you want to track quotations, invoices, billing, subscriptions, and status of daily payment collection, Second CRM can manage all the backend work for you by automating the entire billing cycle, without you even having to get into the transactional level details. It allows you to easily manage your loyalty and membership programs as well. Second CRM also has a variety of reports that would give you all the information needed to gain insights and make meaningful decisions.

4. Service Automation

You know how important is to keep your customers happy. With Second CRM, you could take your customer service to the next levels by automating many processes and providing state of the art helpdesk management and customer self-service portals to your customers. You can record all customer interactions, escalations and workflows get kicked up automatically and you can always serve your customers the best by being available to them always. With features like Contracts management keeping track of all contract’s expiry dates and field service management, you can definitely improve productivity and cost-efficiency of your employees at customer service.

5. Office Automation

Second CRM also allows you to automate various employee-related tracking as well including applying for leaves, tracking and approving leave or expense applications, checking available leave balance, etc. Managers can know the exact number of employees available at any point in time just in just a few clicks and thus manage work more efficiently. It also has features like calendaring and task management, making it easier for managers to assign tasks to team members or manage online meetings easier than ever before.

6. Operations Automation

Second CRM offers operation automation which can help you manage your resources efficiently- be it for a particular project or your daily resource planning. Second CRM can take care of all the tasks right from planning. Be it communication, task management, escalations, request approvals or reporting, Second CRM can address all of these effectively. You can also manage your product warranties, deliveries and inventory much efficiently using Second CRM solution and thus take a lot of burden off your employees’ shoulders.

Pricing: $36/user/month


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Reach CRM is yet another top CRM software in Malaysia to accelerate the productivity of your sales team and get more deals closed. It enables you to interact with your customers efficiently, keep them satisfied always and win customer loyalty.

Top Features of Reach CRM

1. Contacts: It enables you to store all your contacts and, track and record the status of customers. No matter how many customers you have, with Reach CRM software, you can quite easily manage all your business contacts, clients as well as marketing and sales leads. It thus enables easy interaction between you and the customers.

2. Lead Management: Reach CRM offers you the perfect solution to manage all your leads in one place. You can easily convert the leads into appointments, categorize leads based on their interest levels and much more. It is e4asy to track the leads and get a clear picture of which leads are being addressed and which are left out.

3. Quotes: You can easily send quotes to your customers using Reach CRM software. A salesperson can even create quotations using the Reach mobile app and send it to customers withing no time.

4. Sales Orders: Reach CRM enables you to manage all your sales orders efficiently with specific actions and tasks. You can also generate invoices for your sales orders with a single mouse click using the Reach CRM interface.

5. Mobile App: Reach CRM software has a mobile app that lets you manage your business and sales on the go from your mobile. You get all the updates and summary and can manage details as well.

6. Sales Team collaboration: Reach CRM software ensure there is a smooth flow of communication between the sales team and marketing teams to help the sales team have more clarity on daily appointments. The appointment updates are real-time and so there will never be a miss.

7. Email Integration: The email integration in Reach CRM enables you to integrate all your business emails in a single place. You can assign emails to concerned departments, convert to invoices or sales orders, etc.

8. Territory management: Reach CRM enables you to manage your branches by unifying all your branches and showing you details like branch wise profitability, expenses, income, and overall reports.

9. Bulk SMS and e-mail: You can send SMS to your customers from Reach CRM software easily when you are creating an appointment, quote, invoice, etc. Similarly, you can automate emails at various stages of business flow as well. You can even send bulk emails and SMS to customers and vendors.

10. Cloud call integration: You can call your customers directly from Reach CRM software at the click of a button. You can record and playback the calls for reference which helps you improve the productivity of sales teams and monitor calls.

11. Reports and dashboards: Reach CRM has a wonderful dashboard and a number of excellent reports that allow you to know details like overall profit and loss, sales, expenses, top customers, top employees, etc within no time. You can check all the reports related to finance, sales, tax and stock and audit them.

Pricing: $75/user/month


Tips on Selecting the best CRM software in Malaysia

Still wondering which CRM software you should choose? Maybe these tips can help you find the best CRM software in Malaysia for your business. Here are a few of the most important things to check before you decide on which is the best CRM software you.

1. Research Review of the CRM software provider by real users.

Before you purchase any CRM, make sure you thoroughly check out the reviews from previous users. You can find reviews for any software product online today in various platforms. In particular, you may have to check for reviews from users owning businesses that are similar in size to yours or from the same industry as well. You could also check the website of the CRM software provider to check their portfolio and testimonials from previous clients.

2. Number of years the CRM software provider has been into business.

There are many startups offering CRM solutions today. I wouldn’t say they are not competitive or not worth it. But there is more risk associated with choosing a new CRM software as you might not really know how they would perform. You want a provider that grows with your business and changing providers after a few years simply because the one you chose did not work well is not that easy. So, it is best to choose a company that has been working in the industry for some time and has proved itself.

3. Utilize the assisted demo or free trial

Most of the software providers today have a free trial for at least a month so that users can try out the services before committing to a subscription or membership plan. Most of the reputed providers will also offer assisted demos where a salesperson will guide you on using the software. An assisted demo is a great way to understand everything related to the software- the features and functionalities in detail, how user-friendly is the software, does it suit your employees and so on. You can very well go for demos and free trials from multiple providers to decide which one suits you the best.


Choosing the right CRM is one important decision that can impact your business growth and customer satisfaction. Hope the article would have helped shed some light on the features of top CRMs in Malaysia and tips to select the right CRM. All the very best wishes to make the right decision and select the best CRM software in Malaysia for your business. Leave a comment if you have any questions on selecting the best CRM for your business.

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