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Best CRM Softwares In UAE -2020

Updated: May 20, 2020

Best CRM Softwares in UAE

Searching for the best CRM software in UAE? In this blog, we bring to you the best CRM Softwares in UAE as of today. With Middle east countries like Dubai and UAE becoming a dynamic hub for investment, they provide numerous business opportunities in 2020. Amidst the technology advancements happening in today’s digital world, it makes the least sense to depend on just excel sheets to manage your business. No matter whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has become mandatory for any business.

Automation and AI

If you are in the market looking for a CRM tool for your company, we have designed a tool that can help shortlist the best tool for your needs and also make a customized requirements document. Try it out today!

CRM software essentially allows you to store and manage all your customer information in a centralized place. Thus you get any information you need about your customer in no matter of time and can effectively serve them. Watch the video to know the benefits of using CRM software for your business.

Features of Best CRM Softwares in UAE

Thus, CRM software can bring in a lot of order and clarity to your various business functions like Marketing, Sales and Customer service. But there are a huge number of CRM solutions available in the UAE and which one to choose? More options available, the longer it will take to make a decision and identify the right solution. This blog can help you arrive at a decision quickly though.

While choosing a customer relationship management there may be several factors to be considered. Price is one of the most important factors, look out for CRM Softwares within your budget and at the same time offers all the features you want for your business.

The pricing of CRM Softwares in UAE itself varies greatly from one provider to another. Some providers even offer free CRM Softwares like the HubSpot CRM.

You may be tempted to choose a CRM software that is free or comes for a low cost. It is absolutely fine as long as they provide all the features you need. But, unfortunately, most of the free/low-cost CRMs would have only limited features compared to their counterparts. You might end up not enjoying the benefits of using a CRM if you do not wisely select your CRM software.

In this blog, we help you choose the best CRM software in the UAE, by bringing to you the features of the best CRM Softwares in UAE currently - features comparison and pricing details.

Each business is different and hence has different needs based on the nature of their business, size, budget and so on. For selecting the most appropriate CRM for your business consider the features you need and take a call. This article can help you find that- which CRM software in UAE has the features your business need.

Zoho CRM is one of the most popular CRM software choice across the world and in UAE as well. It comes packed with quite a lot of advanced features like Page Layouts, Sandbox, and advanced customization options. Some of the customization options worth mentioning are Conditional fields, Lead Scoring, and Business process mapping.

Zoho CRM offers expanded multichannel support for phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings. Hence, it becomes one of the most tightly integrated systems available today.

Zoho CRM utilized advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence to keep its system top-notch. It has an AI-powered sales assistant, Zia, which gives you advanced interpretations, solutions, and predictions and becomes quite a lot helpful to your salespeople.

Features like workflow automation, real-time notifications, and built-in gamification in Zoho CRM makes the life of your salespeople much easier. With Zoho implemented as your company’s CRM solution, they can now spend more time actually selling, and less time taking care of other tasks like updating information and tracking them.

Top Features of Zoho CRM

SalesForce automation: When you think about a CRM Software, salesforce automation is considered to be one of the core functionalities. It takes care of all you Salesforce operations like organizing contacts, managing leads and finally close a deal.

Zoho CRM has advanced automation capabilities that help your sales team by automatically completing many of their monotonous tasks. Zoho CRM can take care of sending emails, updating required fields, scheduling follow-up tasks, assigning leads, etc. The software manages tasks right from capturing leads and identifying the ones that will convert, following up, contact management, deal management, account management until a deal is closed.

Marketing automation: Marketing automation functionality in a CRM software platform can help a lot with the marketing of your business. Zoho has an independent tool, Zoho marketing hub to cater to your marketing operations. The Zoho marketing hub can help you with campaign creation to social media marketing management.

The Zoho marketing hub has many advanced features which become so handy for executing useful tasks like running targeted email marketing campaigns or compare Ad spend to sales revenue with Google Ads integration.

Zoho’s marketing hub also allows you to bring both the sales team and marketing teams on the same page regarding new leads.

Inventory management: Inventory management is one of the critical features required for eCommerce businesses. Zoho CRM comes with a powerful inventory management system. It can help you keep track of your inventory with its powerful stock management and warehouse management capabilities. It lets you manage the orders with end to end product tracking.

Zoho CRM also has seamless integration with Zoho’s accounting software, Zoho Books. With the integration in place, your sales team will have access to customer’s credit history, purchase patterns, payment details, and current inventory levels. The integration with Zoho Books can sync all your contacts automatically and thus help you manage your inventory more seamlessly.

Read more Zoho CRM features in our blog Zoho CRM top features in 2019

Contact: +971 4 513 6046

Leadsquared is a popular choice for CRM software by businesses in UAE, probably next to Zoho. It is a hassle-free and easy to use CRM solution that can help you in creating the leads, automating and managing them. It can certainly be the one-stop solution for all the customer relationship requirements of your company.

Leadsquared CRM software has all the features inbuilt to help businesses capture, manage and track their leads in one place. It offers a sales tracking option to track the sales and work according to your business requirements and Marketing analytics as well. The Leadsqared mobile CRM app helps you access the CRM software from wherever you are.

Top Features Of Leadsquared CRM

Complete lead tracking: The complete lead tracking feature of Leadsquared can track each and every interaction your leads have with your website, blogs, chat systems, and over the phone with salespeople and show it to you in a clean view. Read more

Sales automation: With Leadsquared’s sales automation, you can automate all your repetitive tasks related to sales like lead assignment, daily status checks, meeting reminders, etc. Read more

Sales tracking

You can track all your revenue and sales performance metrics in Leadsquared with the sales tracking feature. Identifying the salespeople who are performing well, and the ones who aren’t is easy with this feature. Read more

Mobile CRM:

Leadsqared CRM has a mobile CRM which can boost your field team’s efficiency. It can give automated day plans, meeting recommendations based on agent’s locations, give intelligent up/cross opportunities and recommend sales actions to agents.

You can also monitor their geolocation, the meetings they attend, the distance they travel and more. Read more

Location-UAE DOS-THUB-1-D-FXD-G057 Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai UAE

Contact: +971 523141069

Starts from $25 per user/month (billed annually)

Coral CRM is yet another amazing CRM software used in the UAE. The software is completely customizable as per the requirements of customers. It gives a wide range of features to businesses like user wise monitoring. In case of any complaints from the user, it provides those complaints individually.

The Coral CRM has a full customer facility option so that you can talk to the customer whenever required. Every detail can be stored in this software and it gives alerts all the time to avoid any misses.

Top Features of Coral CRM

Complete Automation: Coral CRM is a complete sales automation solution. It can automate different tasks of your sales team like adding salespersons, agents, prospect customers, recording customer inquiries and inquiry details, assigning inquiries to salespeople and much more. It gives you information about inquiry follow up, inquiry listing, inquiry status, hot inquiries, etc as well and provides inquiry follow-up reminder alerts to ensure you don’t lose any deal.

The software also offers other features like Salespeople appointments tracking, due date alerts, auto call notice, auto-reminder notice, sales analysis, etc.

Store Customer details: Coral CRM helps you to store all the information about your customers as well as their interactions to improve services provided to customers. It also allows you to effectively use the stored customer details for targeted marketing.

Integration with Realsoft: Coral CRM can be Integrated with Realsoft ERP to get all the relevant information of your business.

User wise information and monitoring: The software gives you user wise information and allows you to monitor and find the efficiency of each salesperson.

Alerts: Coral CRM software provides various Levels of alerts to avoid losing of even minute information.

Multi-level plans and reports: Coral CRM allows you to create multiple levels of plans that according to the requirement and get multi-level reports for the daily summary, current progress, monthly target, etc.

Location: #206, Bayswater, Business Bay Dubai, UAE. P.O.Box: 233356

Contact: (+971) 4 2404942

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Super CRM is a product of Alwaafa, a prominent software solutions provider in the UAE. The Super CRM software can help businesses maintain a sustained relationship with their customers. The software gives you a platform that can integrate all the information of customers and the related documents and enables you to use them according to your requirements. Super CRM software focuses on lead management and generation.

Top Features of Super CRM

Enquiry Management: Super CRM has an amazing enquiry management system that can help you manage your inquiries efficiently. It shows inquiry status with the number, mode, and other required details and enables a systematic inquiry management system for your business.

Super CRM also offers a full-fledged enquiry analysis which gives you a detailed report with information like the type of enquiries that come most and their percentage.

Customer Management: Super CRM has an impressive customer management system that helps you even identify active clients who reciprocate immediately and settles accounts on time. You can get all services related to a customer under the customer-related things.

Sales Management: Super CRM has an effective sales management solution that enables you to track and manage your salespersons and their activities effectively. It can point out the percentage of inquiries coming in, the number of inquiries reaching sales team members, who close each deal, who performs best and more. The sales management system in Super CRM thus help you assure the quality of performance of your salespeople and even allows you to compare their performances easily.

Renewals and Payments: Super CRM’s renewals features let you catch up with income renewal and related details. It can also handle payment-related jobs and ensure payments for the previous month, current month and upcoming months are updated in the invoice.

Location: Mezzanine Floor, Atrium Building, Next to Al Mamzar Shopping Centre, Abu Hail, Dubai, UAE.

Contact: +971 4 2636936

Pricing: Custom

Whitehats cloud is one of the top CRM software in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE., It can take care of your customer relationship management with its value-added features and huge customization options.

It is a feature-rich CRM software, that lets you manage your sales pipeline, let you know of opportunities, and guarantee prompt follow-ups.

With the software, you can assign customers to your efficient team members and maintain records of all the follow-ups.

The software has the ability to add more modules and functionalities. This brings in a lot of flexibility and ensures greater adaptability for all kinds of business uses.

Top Features of Whitehatscloud CRM

Leads management: With Whitehatscloud CRM, you can manage your leads like never before and provides you with immense flexibility. You can get a quick overview of sales orders, review reports, get follow-up reminders and more to effectively manage your sales process.

Enhanced User management: With Whitehatscloud CRM, you can efficiently manage your users the way you like- as individuals or as groups. It allows you to give group permissions to similar types of users in bulk and helps save your valuable time.

Intuitive interface: The software has a very friendly and responsive interface. Thus it is easy for anybody to use it as well as it is optimized for all screen types enabling you to view it on any screen space, big or small easily. The user-friendliness and responsiveness give an overall good user experience.

Detailed Reporting: You can view reports through a comprehensive dashboard. The reports cover your entire sales funnel in detail. You can even make comparisons, draw charts or use the data in any way you like to convert it into meaningful and actionable information for you.

Location: ATRIUM BUILDING - 28th Street Mezzanine Floor - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 4 2636936

Pricing: Custom

Automation and AI


Deciding on the right CRM for your business is a critical decision and certainly no simple task. It is a decision that has to be taken with extra care as it can have huge impacts on your customer satisfaction and business growth. With the information here on the features of top CRMs in UAE, I hope you will be now a few steps ahead to take that important decision. All the very best wishes to make the right decision and select the best CRM software in UAE for your business. Leave a comment if you have any questions on the features of any of the CRMs listed here or on selecting the best CRM for your business.

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