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1) Email Marketing

a) Case Study - How Nykaa Practices Advanced eCommerce Email Marketing

Nykaa is an eCommerce business with specialization in beauty and cosmetics products. It;s a one-stop destination to find beauty products from top brands for both men and women

Nykaa aimed to grow engagement with users, increase revenue from new and existing customers and increase its brand reputation.

Solution: With automated marketing tool Boomtrain, Nykaa created highly specific user segments based on user’s behavior on their website and delivered them targeted, prime time personalized emails.

Automated Email Marketing

Above image shows how Nykaa targets highly engaged users who bought a particular brand (L’Oreal) product with an informative campaign on other product offerings by that brand.

Results: 29 million emails were delivered to its users by Nykaa with an average open rate of 13% and a click through rate of 8%. Read Full Case Study

b) Case Study - How Marketing Automation boosts email engagement by 15% for NSPCC

The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity, specializing in child protection to safeguard children at the risk of abuse who runs over 40 fundraising events (runs, treks, overseas challenges, and skydiving) throughout the year

The charity wanted to encourage their supporters by creating a great email experience for them throughout the fundraising process to raise more money and increase communication touch points in an efficient and sustainable way across 40+ events


Participants signing up to NSPCC events were delivered a set of multi-stage automated emails where the content was based on the stage of journey (Welcome, Guidance on setting up fund raising page, Fundraising ideas and inspirations, Creating training plan, NSPCC fundraising tips and advice, etc)

The number, timing and content of emails is tailored depending on when the participants sign-up. At the end of the event participants were sent an email to congratulate them on completing the event

Automated Email Marketing


Email marketing automation has helped NSPCC to achieve an average open rate of 46% with a click-to-open rate of 39% and a decrease in bounce rate from 1.5% to 0.9%. It has saved them around 60 hours across 40 events which can be utilized for other important activities like strategy and planning. Now it takes just 30 minutes to set up a new event, create new filters and drop participants in to the journey

2) Landing Pages

a) Case Study - Tokeo - How Landing Page Personalization by Profession helped to increase conversion rate

Tokeo, a Polish brand – was made a center point for individuals and businesses to get consultations and advice from experts in different fields who needed 300 experts (different profession) on board. One-size-fits all landing page allowed users to sign up as experts which gave them an initial conversion rate of 8.5% which could be increased.

Solution: 11+ different landing page variations aimed at specific experts were created which was done very easily by simply copying the original page, making necessary changes and rearranging the elements.

Landing Page Personalization

Results: Landing Pages for Doctors got a conversion rate of 13%, teachers got 30%+ conversion rate whereas digital marketers got 700% more than one-size-fits-all version.

b) Case Study - How Pixers increased conversion rate by creating multiple landing pages targeted at different customer segments

Pixers, is an interior personalization business.

The whole business model of Pixers is based on individualized products, hence, priority was given to make sure that their landing pages are tailored to different customer segments.

Solution: Different landing pages were created targeting different customer segments and different traffic sources. Landing page designs were different for B2B and B2C oriented customers

For eg – The below page for B2C was created with entertaining cat images for cat lovers as a sub segment and a focus on benefits instead of features

Personalized Landing Page

Results: Pixers fetched upto 15% conversion with B2C customers and 5% in the B2B segment

3) Lead Generation

a) Case Study - How Uneedcomms generates 20% more leads with marketing automation

Uneedcomms is a South Korean based service provider who offers an all-in-one solution (website design, online advertising, and user experience improvements) for eCommerce businesses.

They aimed at tracking lead efficiently as manual processes were highly inefficient leaving them with no time for other important tasks

To achieve this, they needed a central database to house their customer information so as to achieve smooth communication across marketing, CRM and sales team.

Solution: With marketing automation tool Hubspot, they created a central database for all customer information and were able to track leads consistently along the funnel.

Lead Generation with Marketing Automation

Results: Marketing Automation resulted in 45% more leads being captured each month along with a 20% increase in lead generation. Also, automating manual processes saved them 20% time which could be utilized for other important value-added tasks.

b) Case Study - How Tata Capital increases lead generation by 600% using Chatbot

Tata Capital is a non-banking company in the financial sector of TATA group. They had launched a ‘myLoan’ mobile app for real time assessment of loan application targeted at first time loan takers without a credit history.

With the traditional customer servicing platforms like call centre, they faced challenges like not being operational 24*7, attrition, etc. which led to re-recruitment and training. Updating the agent with the latest products, processes, policies and prevailing rates in the industry was also a big challenge

Solution: They launched AI based Tata Capital Chatbot who understands and responds to queries related to its financial services products. They also launched a Robotic Automation Bot focused on Personal Loan Products. This bot helps customers feed in data in a chat format and replies them with an eligibility quote which changes the entire user experience to a casual conversation with a friend.

Lead Generation with Chatbot

Results: Tata Capital increases lead generation by 600%. Number of customer responses have increased from 5x to 6x.

4) Campaign Management

a) Case Study - How Cincom increases their campaign open rate and click through open rate by implementing a behavior based content campaign

Cincom Systems is an enterprise software solutions company.

The company had no means of knowing whether their new leads and customers were already subscribing to their regular updates.

Solution: Cincom used marketing automation software to implement a behaviour-based content campaign that involved 5 phases – Tracking subscriber’s onsite behavior, Tagging subscribers by subject matter, Content Auditing, Progressive Profiling, and passing on qualified leads to Sales team.

Campaign Management

Results: The campaign resulted in an increase in open rate by 256%, and in click-to-open rate by 1941%. 1513 potential opportunities could be identified and an average of 18 new sales lead were generated every week.

b) Case Study - How Chatbooks was able to increase their ad spend 3 times using marketing automation

Chatbooks is a family-owned business that creates printed albums from digital pictures, such as Instagram or Facebook photos, thereby, helping people hold on to what matters them the most.

Chatbooks run a range of campaigns from brand awareness, video views, website conversions, website clicks, mobile app engagement, to mobile app installs with 60-70% of their ad budget allocated to Facebook and Instagram. Their goal was to automate their prospecting and retargeting campaigns with rule based triggers. In addition to automation, personal customer service and the ability to give and receive continuous feedback was another key requirement for Chatbooks.

Solution: Chatbooks automated and scaled up their prospecting and retargeting campaigns with Smartly’s powerful optimization features. Stop Loss automatically pauses inefficient creatives. Based on rules set by the advertiser, Predictive Budget Allocation helps to reallocate more budget to best-performing ones.

Retargeting Campaign

Results: Chatbooks was able automate their workflow and scaled up their ad spend by 3x without increasing their team size

5) Marketing Programs

a) Case Study - How Automation boosted HDFC Bank's Marketing Campaign

HDFC Bank limited, is one of India’s largest banks and leading Indian provider of financial services

The Bank wanted to have deeper and stronger customer relationships so that they could market its growing products & services, to optimize its returns and bottom-line revenue, and increase customer profitability. But the bank’s customer data was scattered across multiple systems

Solution: An automated marketing process to access data across systems, as well as plan, design, test, optimize and execute marketing efforts across channels (Email, SMS, Direct Mail & Call Centers) was the key to leverage better opportunities and increase profitability from existing customers

Automated Marketing Programs

Results: Customer Retention increased by 4%, Activation rates by increased by 30%, Acquisition costs reduced by 60% in campaigns and campaign volume increased by over 200%. Email metrics including open, click-thru, and conversion rates were automatically captured which significantly reduced post-campaign reporting times and enabled campaign based performance management.

b) Case Study - How Australian Open used Chatbots to drive sales

Australian open is an annually held tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia. It is first of the four Grand Slam tennis event of the year

Australian open wanted an innovative way to drive ticket sales over the traditional advertising channel and crappy email subscriptions. As simply linking users to Ticketek page saw a huge drop off rate.

Solution: They implemented a super focused Chatbot which helped users find tickets that they were exactly looking for without allowing them to do anything else.

Chatbots in Marketing Automation

Results: The AusOpen Chatbot could drive 150% more conversions as compared to the actual website with an increase in ROI by 25 times.

c) Case Study - How Brightsparks Consulting implemented marketing automation software foe one of their client to increase impressions on social sites and converted leads into relationships

Brightspark Consulting Dublin, Ireland based Social Media Marketing Agency

One of their clients had a goal of reaching cash rich professionals in the UK and Ireland but referenced the high cost of newspaper ads and difficulty in measuring results.

Solution: Marketing Automation Software was integrated with creatively worded and eye catching ads on LinkedIn and Google to reach potential applicants. Email Signups on the landing pages were automatically added to follow-up funnel delivering relevant content to people who engaged with their messaging at timely intervals. To lower the cost per click, the campaign was daily optimized.

Content Marketing

Results: Automated marketing software helped to convert leads into relationships. Automation software made 2.3 Million Impressions on Google and 1.3 Million on LinkedIn, 7000 click through in 28 days, increased the average time spent on landing pages to 3.08 minutes

6) Nurturing & Scoring

a) Case Study - How Automated Drip Campaign streamlines lead qualifying for manufacturing company

Strongwell is the world's largest pultrusion company founded in 1956.

They aimed to have a better lead qualification and nurturing campaign to increase sales.

Solution: Evaluate and Integrate CRM with marketing automation, pre-qualify leads for sales and develop a drip and nurture campaign

Results: Email campaign saw a 25% open rate, 4% click rate, and only 0.3% unsubscribe rate. After its email nurture campaign was put in place, Manufacturer Strongwell Corporation was able to pull a $30,000 project into the Sales funnel.

b) Case Study - How McAfee implemented marketing automation for lead scoring and nurturing which increased lead to opportunity conversion four times

McAfee solutions deliver complete virus protection and internet security

Their marketing efforts brought in a huge number of leads but they were not of a good quality.

Solution: McAfee to implement a lead scoring system with marketing automation tool and created a segmented lead nurture program. This gave prospects the right information at the right time in the buying process.

Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Results: The number of leads reduced by 35% but overall quality improved. Lead to opportunity conversion rate increased 4x. Marketing Automation greatly improved alignment between sales and marketing.

7) CRM Integration

a) Case Study -How Evolution Marketing integrated marketing automation tool with CRM for Brisbane local Government for raising awareness about efficient use of energy resources

Evolution Marketing is an Australian based independent business software consulting firm.

The Brisbane local government intended to run email campaigns comprising of surveys from within their CRM to create awareness among the general public to use energy resources efficiently.

Solution: They integrated marketing automation tools with CRM for Brisbane local government to execute automated promotional campaigns, personalized emails, transactional messages and behavioral triggered messages.

CRM Integration with Marketing Automation

Results: The local government of Brisbane was able to reach out to more people and raise awareness regarding the efficient use of energy resources from within Sugar. The need to switch back and forth between multiple platforms was eliminated.

b) Case Study - How Integrating Marketing Automation with Finding Friday CRM helped them grow their customer base

Finding Friday is a Travel and Leisure CRM Specialist. They strive to connect potential travelers and tourists with travel and leisure companies.

Finding Friday wanted to integrate marketing automation tool so that their clients could run successful marketing campaigns

Solution: They built a customized CRM solution and integrated it with key marketing automation tools that helped Finding Friday grow its customer base.

Marketing Automation integrated with CRM

Results: Ability to drive effective marketing campaigns, nurture leads along sales cycle and reach out to more customers in less time with little or no manual effort.

8) Social Marketing

a) Case Study - How Southeast Toyota used Unified Social's real time marketing platform to drive paid, owned and earned media success across 166 local dealer Facebook pages

Southeast Toyota is a major automotive manufacturer having a global clientele.

Southeast Toyota wanted to efficiently deliver consistent brand messaging using 166 dealership in 32 DMAs (Designated Marketing Areas) both organically and through paid campaigns.

Solution: Southeast Toyota implemented Unified’s real time Social Operating Platform which featured an automatic ad deployment, detected high performing content on pages of franchisee, dealers or agents. When the tool detected popular content, it automatically turned the content into Facebook Ads with creative templates for ads and pre-determined budget. They then followed them with posts that encouraged people to interact.

Automated Social Media Marketing

Results: 166 individual dealerships could maximize their efficiency with automated posting. They launched 500 campaigns in a single month with automated postin. They spent 200 fewer hours per week which was utilized in publishing, amplifying, optimizing and reporting

b) Case Study - How FreerollsDB implemented social media automation in iGaming and achieved high click-through rate is the world’s largest online free-poker resource with 150+ freerolls every day. They specialize in giving free starting capital to poker players without any deposit.

The main goal was to stimulate clicks to merchant directly from auto generated tweets and as an extra bonus get additional clicks by sharing Twitter posts automatically on Facebook page and other social properties

Solution: Automated and very specific text in timely tweets with pre-fabricated reply, a trackable link and call to action. If recipient replies to these tweets, then takeover the conversion manually

Social Media Marketing Automation

Results: A high engagement rate of 30%, Low Direct follow back rate and high click through rate of over 10% was achieved

9) Marketing Analytics

a) Case Study - How BookMyShow used Google Analytics 360 along with Marketing Automation and increased click through rate by 55%

BookMyShow is India’s largest ticketing brand which sells over 10 million tickets for movies, plays, sports and live events every month.

They wanted to ensure that their users complete the transaction of booking the tickets. To achieve this they needed to increase their mobile website click through rate. To measure success, the main performance indicator was number of transactions

Solution: BookMyShow ensured accurate data collection with implementation of comprehensive tracking to efficiently understand user behavior. Implementing custom funnel helped them to depict successfully the stage in which users were majorly dropping off during booking process. This also helped to understand page level user behavior

Marketing Analytics

Results – The implemented solution resulted in an increase in the CTR by 55% and in conversion rate by 6%

b) Case Study - How YourSurprise benefitted by implementing Marketing Automation Tool to connect advertising platforms with Google Analytics

YourSurprise is an online gift shop providing unique, personalized gifts.

They were running digital advertising for 11 websites, across 10+ ad platforms which meant 10+ Google Analytics properties. Manually creating reports in order to get an overview of ROI per ad platform and campaign was time consuming with lots of room for human error.

Solution: Marketing automation platform Funnel was implemented by YourSurprise to connect multiple advertising platforms to his various Google Analytics properties. 11 Google Analytics properties are automatically updated with cost, clicks and impressions from over 10 paid advertising platforms each.

Automated Marketing Analytics

Results: The costs and transaction data are automatically linked to the right campaign and one can log in to one place to see a full ROI overview – at any time. Any new ad platform can be automated and connected to their Google Analytics report just at the click of a button. Marketing Automation Tool Funnel saved them 8 hours per month.

10) Mobile Marketing

a) Case Study - How KFC AmRest saw double digit growth after using a comprehensive mobile strategy, CRM Tools and an effective mobile app

KFC AmRest is the largest independent chain restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the restaurant world, customers just don’t check their emails to see if they have a special offer before going to dinner. It is especially challenging to move an offer from email to a brick-and-mortar location.

Solution: Implementing an effective mobile app and automated marketing solution featuring campaigns, (such as Bounce back coupons, Proximity marketing campaigns, automated birthday greetings, and winning back lost customers) and other app mechanics, (such as bonus loyalty card, and a referral program), have helped KFC restaurants to achieve their goal

Mobile Marketing

Results: Increase in same store revenue by 12%, creating strong brand-customer relationships, transform occasional guests to regular guests and increase foot traffic.

b) Case Study - How AXA connected mobile apps and CRM with marketing automation tool to drive increase in lead generation and lead conversion via push notifications

AXA is a multinational investment bank and a global leading insurance provider.

They aimed to target a digitally native customer base for future growth, while educating their existing users on how to better leverage mobile for ease and efficiency.

Solution: Mobile Marketing Automation helped AXA work towards their vision by increasing the engagement in their mobile ecosystem through combining CRM, mobile analytics and real time notification campaigns into contextual and personalized mobile conversations. FollowAnalytics Marketing Automation Solution also helped AXA create relevant funnels to successfully cross-promote to grow their leads pipeline and its overall quality.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Results: Lead Generation increased by 180% and Lead conversion increased by 35%

11) Personalization

a) Case Study - How Goibibo increased their conversion rate by 11% by implementing hyper personalization in emails

Goibibo is India’s largest online hotel booking engine and leading air aggregator.

A lot of users who show interest in purchasing by few searches on the website do not end up making a transaction due to multiple reasons like dissatisfaction with search results, and prices, no fights with preferred airlines or time of travel, etc

Solution: Goibibo realized the need to engage such users (search abandoners) with hyper personalized emails so that they eventually make a purchase.

Personalization in Marketing Automation

Results: 55k customers did ticket booking in the first 30 minutes of searching flight. 6k search abandoner leads were converted after they received personalized real time booking emails (Growth of 11%). This led to a few millions of added revenue for Goibibo.

b) Case Study - How Spotify could drive in-app engagement with personalized emails

Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service.

Spotify wanted to provide a personalized email experience with the goal of driving in-app engagement


i) Listening to Customer’s Email Preferences

ii) Sending relevant updates to customer

iii) Providing Value that goes beyond the Product

iv) Promote partnerships that further enhance customer experience

Personalised Email Marketing

Results: Spotify did a great job of leveraging email to drive in-app engagement among users. By utilizing customer data, Spotify is able to increase the effectiveness of marketing emails by providing the most relevant content to users.

From the above case studies it is clearly evident that marketing gets smarter and can fetch great results with automation, artificial intelligence and chatbots.

In the year 2018, one of the best investments you can make is Marketing Automation.


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