Best PPC Management Tools To Use in 2020

Updated: May 20, 2020

Best PPC Management tools


Looking for the best PPC management tools that can efficiently improve your search engine marketing and advertising results? Well, you have landed in the right place. In this blog, we bring to our readers the best PPC management tools you could use in order to plan and run your search engine marketing campaigns effectively and thereby increase your website conversions and profits.

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What is PPC and why you need PPC management tools

Before we jump into the tools, let’s take a quick look at what Search Engine Marketing (PPC advertising) is all about as these even though these terms are quite popular in the marketing world, it often creates some confusion to at least beginners in the area. The confusion is mainly because of multiple terms meaning the same thing and it is often confused with search engine marketing which is quite a different thing. So, let’s clear these first before we move to the tools as it is important to really know what has to be done with the tools.

Well, Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is referred to by different names like Paid search, Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising, etc. Basically, it is the internet marketing technique that aims to acquire traffic for the website by purchasing Ads on search engines. It allows advertisers or website owners to bid for placing their Ads in a search engine's sponsored links section of the Search Engines Results Page (SERP) for searches on a keyword related to their business offering.

SEM is often confused with SEO, which refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves following best practices like optimizing relevant data and using keyword in the website content, title, etc so that search engines can easily find the webpages for relevant search requests. It also involves working on other parameters to improve search engine ranking of a webpage like working with internal/external linking, acquiring backlinks, etc.

Traffic from SEO is free and completely based on the search term’s relevance to your page, whereas to get traffic from SEM, you need to pay to the search engine ad platforms like Google Adwords in case of Google for every click on your advertisement.

In order to optimize your PPC Ad campaigns and increase your website traffic from the PPC ads, you need to write your Ads with high ranking keywords and bid for these high ranking keywords. So that there are more chances for your Ad to be displayed on the SERP and thus driving more traffic from your Ads.

For perfect PPC campaigns, you would also have to take all the steps to make it effective like adding negative keywords to a campaign, avoid bidding on keywords that are too competitive or avoid being too broad with targeting, etc. With multiple campaigns to manage, PPC management can turn out to be quite stressful and things not running so smooth.

Thankfully there are many Search Engine Marketing/ PPC management tools that came to your rescue and assist you with finding the right keywords, quote the best Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click rates for the keywords and effectively manage your PPC campaigns by structuring them perfectly.

We know that when given many options more difficult is to make decisions. So we have shortlisted some of the best PPC management tools here to help you choose the one that suits your needs. Given below are the top Search Marketing/PPC management tools that can help you identify high ranking keywords and increase your website traffic from PPC Ads.

Best PPC Management tools


SEMrush is a PPC Keyword Tool that comes very handy to plan and set up optimized Google Ads campaigns for your business.

With this tool, users can easily organize keywords related to the campaign and ad group level or quickly setting negative keywords. It makes it easy for you to stay organized with your ads as well as ensure that your PPC ads are budget-friendly.

Everything you plan and structure using the SEMrush tool can be exported to your Google Ads account editor seamlessly. You can also import your existing campaigns in Google Ads to SEMrush where you can restructure your campaigns in order to optimize them.

This tool makes it easy to stay organized as well as ensure your campaign is always within your budget.

Once you have structured your campaign, the AdBuilder lets you research your competitors and write ad copy and upload your keyword list into your Google Ads account to implement your changes.

  • SEMrush has a rich feature set with lots of useful functionality that can be used not only for SEM but SEO as well.

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Provides great metrics

  • Advanced features like spying on your competitors’ positions easily are interesting.

  • Sometimes the data given is not accurate.

  • The subscription cost could have been a bit cheaper.


Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Pricing: Starting from $99.95/month


Pro: $99.95/month or $999.40/year

Guru: $199.95/month or $1999.40/year

Business: $399.95/month or $3999.40/year

Enterprise: upon request

Based on your subscription plan, your limits vary which affects the number of keywords you can export with CPC and volume data as well as access to the update metrics feature in the tool. The current limits for export are:

Pro: 500 Keywords with CPC and volume data

Guru: 1,500 Keywords with CPC and volume data

Business Level: 6,000 Keyword with CPC and volume data

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2. SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the leading PPC management tools today which is a competitor keyword research tool for Adwords PPC and SEO. It basically aims to assist users to improve their SEM/PPC advertising SEO strategies by exposing information on the competitors’ tactics.

The tool gives its users access to a wealth of information about their own websites as well as competitor websites like dom