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Youtube is the largest platform for playing videos and creators to upload videos. Second in line just after Google, Youtube is the most used search engine. The average amount of video content watched everyday is almost 1 billion hours and that's not all the total amount of video content people watch annually is almost 47,000 Years.

That is a LOT, which means that there are many advertisers ready to promote their brands on Youtube. There are more than a million Advertisers on Youtube with a million different products.

"Youtube's Monetized Playback is when a viewer sees atleast one ad impression when watching the video"

You can check out the ad rate in the analytics section in Youtube. This is also known as the monetized playback rate. The total number of monetized ads divided by the total number of views is the monetized playback rate.

The best practise to increase this rate is to get more views. There are various factors that affect the monetized rate. They are explained in the video above. Each factor helps in generating more number of views for our videos

Lets now understand how to find our estimated revenue rate for per 1000 ad impressions. In the above example, suppose an advertiser pays $10 for an ad shown 1000 times. Our playback rate is 20% and total views for a month are 1000. This means that 200 views were actually monetized.

The advertiser's cost is shared between Google or Youtube in this case and you. The share is 45% for Youtube and 55% to you, the creator of the video. In this case, the creator gets $5.50.

Now the $5.50 is the cost from the advertiser after it is split between you and Youtube.

The effective revenue per 1000 impressions is what you actually earn from your videos. The product of advertiser's cost or CPM and Playback rate is the Effective RPM.

In this case because we had a playback rate of 20%, the Effective RPM is $1.10. But if we had more views and the playback rate was 40%, the effective RPM would double and the earning would be $2.20.

Having more views is important but it is extremely important to Retain the Audience and make them watch the COMPLETE Video. The Average Percentage Viewed is the average amount of time, users stay on your videos.

Therefore it becomes extremely necessary to not only get more views but create quality content to engage users longer and retain them on the videos for a long time.

We have given some extremely handy tips to improve the quality of video and create high audience retention videos.

You can also watch our video about THE TOP 5 INDIAN YOUTUBERS to get an idea of how they have used their channels to keep high audience retention and how much have they monetized through Youtube.


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