Best Website Builder 2019

Updated: May 16, 2020

Website builders are a comprehensive solution for people who handle their own business and for some small enterprises to initiate a website building project without employing a team of developers. Nevertheless, determining the most suitable website builder can be complicated for novices. There are so numerous website builders up for grabs.

How to choose what's best for you? In this blog post, we’ll help you determine the most suitable website builder and select best builder for you by going through what you require and a particular product has to offer.

Before analyzing the most suitable website builders in the market, we encourage you to note down your needs. Your goals and what features you want on your website. For instance, you could note it down as Blog section, photo presentation, online shop, contact form, etc. If uncertain about what you need, check out some of your competitor's websites for reference.

Checklist For Selecting A Website Builder For Business

Website builders have a lot to give small business owners. As a matter of fact, they empower almost all the work that a usual developer would do. This brings in a newfound freedom to website management.

For example, if you want to create an online variant of your store so that clients can shop their favorite products right from the comfort of their home, you can do that with an eCommerce app, widgets or plugin that lets you sell your products with stunning photos, as well as access other obstacles in the way.

furthermore you can develop and improve your online store with extra features, enjoy extra option when it comes to design/templates, hosting, apps, and SEO management.

Here is our comprehensive checklist for selecting the best attainable website builder.

1.Type of website

Each website is different in the sense, how it is meant to be used, and the goal it serves

E-commerce sites — where the main goal of the website is to sell products and act as an online store for customers to come and buy what they require from the comfort of their house.

Personal blogs — are sites that are usually where people express their opinions about various topics from fashion and lifestyle to tech and science.

Brochure— is a website for companies to mark an online presence and provide people with information about their products/companies and contact information and to eventually drive customers to their product it acts as an online business card for potential customers.

Social media sites — the main goal of social media sites is to connect people and to make friends online, allow you to share your pictures and connect with people without an actual need to leave your house.

Portal — A portal website is a place which brings in information from a lot of different sources from the web, and in a way acts as a portal to the information you desire. A great example of a portal website is Google. Google offers multiple solutions from email to forums to search engine and news.

2.Design & Templates

Website builders are different and often incorporate drag and drop editors. Drag and drop editors make the process of construction, optimizing a website and managing simpler than working with a developer team. These tools also tend to be significantly cheaper.

When choosing a website builder, it is important to consider the total count and quality of its templates. There are also a collection of other highlights concerning design that you should be informed of: Assure that the designs are adaptive, meaning you can add/remove videos, images, gifs, etc. There should be a wide variety of appropriate templates. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the templates are mobile responsive, as mobile traffic in recent times is on the rise.

3.Apps & Integrations

Website builders like Wix offer 250+ applications and integrations for small business websites. Each application serves a unique purpose. 

As mentioned earlier in the article, you should be aware of the intent of your website and then come to a decision of the app integrations that might benefit you. For, if you want to be incorporate a shop on your website to sell your products then app integrations like PayPal or ones that help in a payment gateway might come in handy.

If you want to build a relationship focused website then website builders with CRM integrations might come in handy. These CRM apps support in managing, organising and contacting your leads.

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There are similar app integrations available that help you from booking to email marketing. All you need to do is write down your needs and evaluate which website builders addition app integration offering is the most beneficial for you.


Hosting can be tricky, it can contribute to your website by providing a really immersive experience to the user or be so mediocre that the user won’t be drawn to your site again. The website builder you select will more often than not come with a free or an economical hosting option, but we’d recommend you to choose from other hosting bundles which guarantees performance.

If possible, upgrade your hosting pack, doing so will grant you many extra features like automatic hosting renewals, greater bandwidth, automatic daily site backup, enhanced security and much more. The best feature is the additional bandwidth as that is one of the key factors that decide how fast your website is loaded.

5.Search engine optimization

SEO, is the method of enhancing your site for search engines ranking. Search portals like Google rank websites on a number of factors that include domain, trust, quality and quantity of your content, keywords, etc this list keeps on changing so it is always better to have additional help.

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There are loads of other hidden ranking factors. The ones in the open are Meta descriptions, keyword density, structure, reliability, originality of content and a few more.

6.Antivirus support

You can program the AntiVirus app integration to implement an automatic daily scan of your files and database on your website. If the app detects any questionable codes it will send out an email notifying the same to a pre-configured email-id.

If your site has been hacked, the AntiVirus will notify you so that you can take prompt action. An AntiVirus system is really the way to go in todays time where online hacking and viruses have become so common, so it is better to safeguard your data from any possible future attack.