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Do I need to spend time doing this link building stuff?

Updated: May 19, 2020


How smart is your SEO Campaign | #Episode01

Transcription of above audio:

Hey, welcome everyone. This is the very first episode of how smart is your SEO campaign podcast series. We are going to be doing four of these during this week. So be in touch with us, if you find this interesting.

Today we're going to be spending time on backlinks right and you know backlinking usually results in very quizzical expression when it gets discussed in client meetings, they're really asking do I really need to spend time doing this backlinking stuff. Now, let's not forget that a large part of the link building techniques that you read about is actually unethical. It's actually what you call black hat and it is it can be expected that search engines like Google will try to do their best to guard against such poor practices. So yes, it is not what it was in the Heyday the backlinking is getting less importance. But what is important today is the right kind of backlinking.

So what does one do in this scenario now, if you want to run a smart backlink building campaign? This is what you need to do first. Focus on building presence and being useful in the very prominent forum. So choose tools three or four which makes sense to a category. It could be Reddit, It could be Quora, it could be something else. It's very tempting to start putting out links on these forums. But then the reality is that this count only if it's from a reputed profile, which means that you have the first try and be useful on the Forum right before you start just putting out links.

Second, there could be opportunities and Neil Patel actually wrote a very nice piece on how to find blogs that are still offering follow links and the reference to that is available in the notes on this podcast.

SEMrush dashboard

Third their tools like SEMrush and Ahref, which allow you to find links of competitors that are handy, right? It kind of helps you to understand. What is a competitive strategy? How are they thinking and you can save a lot of time by just trying to be because after all they are in your category and that's going to save you time that kind of approach and thought is going to is going to save you time.

Dashboard of MailShake

The fourth one and the last and not least is guest posts. And I know that it's kind of again being said that guest posts out of style, but the guest posts are done from related blogs, forums or industry forums. That's never going to be out of style. So there are tools like MailShake which for example which help you to automate your outreach process that means is basically they will give you a facility to personalize the outreach on a mass scale right and help you to do automatic follow-ups. And remember at the end of the day. It's not everything that can be done online.

Especially when it comes to guest posts and outreach sometimes you have to pick up the phone and reach out to someone and see if there is some joint video that you could do, it could be a blog post which could be co-authored, it could be a weekly article which you are doing on the optical side. So sometimes you have to pick up the phone and try and get things done.

So that's it those who are the components of a smart SEO campaign. I hope you liked it and stay in touch for the other episodes in this podcast series. Thank you.

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