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Email Marketing Automation: The First Automation type that you need to get RIGHT

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

How Smart is your Email Marketing | Episode 12

Transcription of Podcast:

Hello and welcome to the second, a podcast on this weekly series on, How Smart is your Email Marketing. Yesterday, we covered some of the tools which will help you to build your lists intelligently. Today we are going to be talking about automation. Now, automation is something which kind of makes people uneasy. They think that's the reason why their inboxes are getting flooded, and that is true. But the reason is that companies and marketers are not using automation efficiently. They're not using the right triggers. They're just bombarding people with emails. And that's a reason why people have this notion.

In spite of all the modern marketing tactics, email still remains an effective method for nurturing leads. Because think about it, if you send your emails based on where the email has been collected on your website, and if you send information in which the prospect is interested in, not the business. And you send it at the right time. It results in a good experience. And that's what, and that's the perspective with which automation should be looked at. Automation really helps you to do personalization at scale. Now to understand, to do a marketing email automation effectively, you have to understand what triggers are all about.


So triggered is that event, which basically starts an automation email or a series. So for example, someone throws up a form on your website, or someone subscribes to a list or someone purchases a certain product. These are all examples of triggers. So in most email marketing tools, what you have to do is define these triggers, and then automatically the next set of steps will follow.

Now let's look at the various scenarios or the radius triggers that. You can use it in your email or to my email marketing automation. The first one is what is called the welcome or the onboarding citizen of factors. 90% of the leads go cold within the first hour, as for the MIT search. So it makes a lot of sense to follow up on the leads almost immediately with a welcome or an onboarding series. Brands are also doing an education series, which means that even if you're selling shoes online, you can announce a seven-day course, with respect to taking care of your shoes. You know it doesn't matter, even if you're not in the mini-course, which your prospects can subscribe to and they can get one email a day, say for the next week, it helps in creating the right positioning among your subscribers.

E-Commerce Trigger

purchase on eCommerce website

The next, common scenario is that of abandoned carts in eCommerce sites. So basically this mail series encourages customers to complete their purchase if they leave the items in their cart. Depending on the value of the purchase. Of course, there are people who follow that up with the SMS and sometimes yes, even with a call. Did you know that you can also send mail or a series of mail based on the way of various tags that you have used for your contacts. So, for example, if you have tagged your contacts based on the designation based on the company's size or the location and by the way, these are all very realistic tags that are present in B2B marketing. So you can use these tags to determine a certain flow of email marketing.

Date based triggers

important dates pinned on calendar

Next, other date-based triggers. So for example, sending an annual email based on a birthday in your contact list or something like sending them an email after, say they have their finished 100 days in your club, in your membership, for example.

Now there are various tools in the market which can help you with the automation depending on the complexity and depending on the most common kind of Automation out of the ones that we discussed will be having a separate podcast on the diversity of tools which will help you to do, email automation. So if you like this episode, be sure to subscribe for more and we'll see you soon. Thank you.

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1 Comment

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