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EMAIL MARKETING Tool Comparison 2019

Updated: May 15, 2020

Email marketing is the highly efficient digital marketing tactic of sending emails to prospects and clients. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into clients, and turn one-time buyers into loyal fans.

You can use email marketing services to promote your products. You can also communicate more efficiently with your clients about your services or anything else that needs to be communicated, like loyalty programs, sales, offers etc.


Email marketing is a very cost-efficient way to communicate with your clients be it regarding offers, loyalty program or just to announce your new products. With so many tasks to manage, such as:

  • Managing auto-responder

  • Handling Client Subscriptions

  • Sending of emails to your potential clients

  • Sending out follow up emails to clients

The entire process can become very tricky and managing this can be a tedious process, and email marketing tools make this entire process a piece of cake.

In the recent time spam detection is also a big issue so a lot of these tools also help maneuver your way around the inbuilt spam detectors in your clients inboxes and help you deliver your messages/promotions to them safely.

A visual representation of spam detection

Here are some best email marketing tools to make sure you have a good experience and get the results that you desire.

Constant Contact is one of the top email marketing tools in the world, they flaunt over 650,000 clients and have made a huge mark in this industry since starting first in 1995.

The main reason for their success is that they didn't stop experimenting and kept on adding new features to attract a new customer base, none of their competitors managed this. On top of these updates, they also provide their clients with over 400 app integration that caters to almost every products.

List of Pros And Cons to Guide you better.


  • Niche Features - Constant contact has some Niche Features like event management tool, survey tool, which may come in handy for specific businesses.

  • Automation - The automation on this tool is extremely intuitive - Greet new subscribers with a welcome message, Trigger email series based on where the user clicks,

  • Has about 400 integrations - with the likes of Facebook, WordPress, Shopify.


  • Poor price to performance ration- you can view the plans here

  • Only YouTube videos can be embedded into mails.

  • Dated email templates.

Drip is a relatively new player in the email marketing automation space.They have also recently started focusing their efforts on the E-commerce niche (physical products), but are still being used by a lot of popular info product marketers as well.

List of Pros And Cons to Guide you better.


  • The automation is amazing- no manual triggers required the application has a predefined set of triggers with appropriate responses which saves a lot of time.

  • Drip offers "sharable workflows" which are pre-built automations that you can import into your account.

  • Resend broadcasts automatically to those who didn't open their email the first time.


  • Is Expensive- check out their plans here.

  • A/B-testing functionality is quite basic.

  • Email templates are not the best.

SendInBlues email marketing tool was developed while keeping small to medium businesses in mind and to help them with automation of emails on a budget. Everything from its feature list to its competitive pricing shows their serious determination to become the top player in this market.

List of Pros And Cons to Guide you better.


  • Pricing- Affordable is an understatement for this tool, offers the best pricing and a free plan, check out their plans here.

  • Automation -fully kitted automation features, with automation guides for beginner to advance automation.

  • SMS Tool - you can send sms' , which is a unique feature.


  • Limited templates.

  • Some tweaks required in the GUI.

  • No unlimited email plans.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool that has a simple and efficient UI. Automation is one of the most important features of this tool.

List of Pros And Cons to Guide you better.


  • Powerful Automation - One of the best automation in the market - automate email follow ups, find most engaged contacts.

  • In Depth reporting - reports on click maps, geo tagging and site visits.

  • Sms campaigns- an send sms'.

  • Free Migration- Free migration to this tool if you are using some other tool.


  • There is a learning curve to this tool- takes some time to get used to the tool.

  • Lead scoring only available for higher-priced plans.

SendX is an affordable email marketing tool business owners. Has over 3000 clients and is an effective and affordable email marketing tool. SendX provides unlimited emails and powerful automation.

List of Pros And Cons to Guide you better.


  • Unlimited emails can be sent.

  • Great selection of Stock photos, about half a million royalty free photos.

  • Sms campaigns- an send sms'.

  • Automation is really easy to configure.


  • Pricing is a little steep, check out their plans here.

  • Many advance features are still under development.

  • There is a learning curve to this tool.

Clearbit is a powerful tool created for businesses. To help generate leads, Clearbit clients have access to over 200 million contacts at 20 million business. With the help of Clearbit, businesses can also improve sales, generate fresh leads, and identify new accounts.

Find any email in under five seconds

List of Pros And Cons to Guide you better.


  • Clearbit Connect makes it easy to get in touch with anyone right from your inbox.

  • Search for people- by name, job title or role.

  • Intelligent guessing- Guesses peoples email id's by using pattern recognition.


  • Each search is limited to 20 contacts per account.

  • You have to be extremely specific with your searches.

Slik is a tool that automates sales and the lead generation process. Slik has built a database of over 70 million people and created a simple way to filter through that database so that sales staff can save time and easily find leads that they want to reach out to.

Slik Features

List of Pros And Cons to Guide you better.


  • Highest email accuracy on the market - about 95%+ Email Accuracy.

  • Access to contextual data about decision makers to make cold outreach feel warm.


  • Pricing is on the higher side, check out their plans here

  • Cant use it as an email tool- used to find leads.


The hardest part of email marketing is getting started. Once you have a strategy in place, the rest is relatively easy.

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