Enterprise SEO tools for Managers

Updated: May 16, 2020

You probably have heard about the SEO advantages and why every enterprise needs an Enterprise SEO tool to control and improve their content.

But you may still be questioning how your business can profit from SEO if you don’t have an Enterprise SEO tool that is able to manage enormous Data.

SEO can get a little confusing, especially if you are a Huge company with hundreds of pages and an enormous keyword library. If you are seeking for a complete Enterprise SEO tool, you have probably come across a few different Enterprise SEO Tools that are leading the market Like SEM Rush, MOZ and AHREF.

Though they talk about their Features and provide a tremendous toolset with regular new additions, it may still be difficult to find what best Enterprise SEO tool for your company, especially when there are thousands of pages and consistent SEO updates from a search engine.

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Enterprise SEO Tool And Enterprise SEO Platforms

Enterprise SEO platforms today allow SEO and content marketing experts and their clients to attain a higher Return on investment from their operations by concentrating on optimization, workflow, teamwork and an overall increase in productivity and performance. For this sole objective, it’s essential to differentiate between a tool and a platform.

  • SEO tools: Most tools tailored for a single purpose and are specifically planned to help with one particular field of your business or SEO, for example, keyword analysis, link report and analysis.

  • SEO platforms: Platforms are built for enterprise scale. A platform provides a comprehensive solution to a number of clients and business needs by offering a selection of combined technologies that include financial, productivity and workflow arrangements. 

We have mentioned a few of the major characteristics of an SEO platform that distinguish it from SEO tools.

Key Features Of Enterprise

1.Designed for enterprise scale - A platform has distributions with deep modelling capabilities — geo, BU, catalogue category. Enterprise SEO technology should be able to track Hundreds of thousands of keywords and pages, massive volumes of location-specified data and social signs to provide the right analytics and to make well-read decisions.

2.Secure and reliable - Marketing teams have admittance to unparalleled amounts of valuable data that is essential to their clients’ business results. Enterprise technology providers are trusted custodians their client's data. In fact, in many countries, you have a judicial responsibility to secure this data. A few examples are

  • Government level encryption

  • Flexible password policies

3.Customizable and flexible - Platforms need to meet precise business processes. As businesses grow, so do demands from SEO teams and management teams. Platforms are highly versatile, and various workflow paths can be set that feed into customizable, powerful dashboards for superior management and stakeholders alike.

For example, platforms allow you to:

  • Report via role Utilize workflow capabilities to move from understanding to action

  • Set clear KPIs and maintain organizational alignment

  • Streamline process in terms of how tasks are executed

  • Gain real-time visibility and transparency

  • Close the loop on ROI initiatives

  • Build executive relations and gain buy-in

4.Consistent integration - Platforms should combine with existing solutions via open APIs. Enterprise SEO tools collect data obtained through partnerships with esteemed data sources. By combining data from various origins, arranging it and interpreting it, SEO platforms provide industry insights that a single tool can never provide.

The Benefits Of Using Enterprise SEO Platforms:

  • Multiple tools, one platform. Enterprise SEO platforms perform several tasks in one system.

  • Keeping up with the ever-so-quickly changing algorithms of the major search engines.

  • Computerized reporting to provide data in almost real-time.

To sum it all up, if you want your SEO operations and business to rise in a competitive marketplace, enterprise SEO platforms are a requirement. Ensuring you have the right tech in place sets you up for achievements.

Here’s a list of some excellent tools to help you get the best SEO score.


Moz Pro is SEO analytics and research platform for trained professionals dealing in SEOs and marketing that provides performance-driven insights, tools for in-depth research. MOZ provides SEO computer software, tools and education. You can look to their coaching on any subject related to SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, SEM, Local SEO, etc

Advance feature

  • Moz Pro Campaigns

  • Manage Campaigns

  • Rankings

  • Rankings Overview

  • Search Visibility

  • Track Competitors' Rankings

  • Add & Delete Keywords

  • Track Local Keywords

  • Keyword Labeling

  • Analysis of Target Keywords

  • SERP Features

  • Landing Pages

  • Page Optimiser

  • Site Crawl