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Helpful Guidelines to help you choose your SEO Tools in 2020

Updated: May 14, 2020

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Transcription of Podcast:

Hello everyone, in today's podcast we are going to be talking about what are the main features that you need to look for when you are hunting for an SEO tool and how do you really decide between the various options that are there. Businesses are cutting down on Google ad spends, Facebook spends. Now SEO, in spite of the current pandemic that we are facing, is slated to continue. And that's because the number of searches that are happening because people are in a lockdown mode, especially in some verticals will continue to increase. Hence it makes business sense to continue with your SEO activities.

CTA banner to Web Stepup Automation

Now, if you are in the market looking and hunting for SEO tools, you need to remember a few things. The first thing, if you're just starting off as a freelancer or a, you're a newbie or a small agency trying to pitch to various companies, what you really need right now is simple SEO audit tools. And there are quite a few out there some of them being SEO optimizer and the HubSpot audit tool. Now, these are tools which you can just go to the URL, you can put in your website and it'll give you a nice-looking report. which will tell you what are the main flaws that are there on your website?

Now, let's move ahead from here. Now, SEO is really about understanding consumer intent. That is really that crux and that intent is today in many forms. It is in the form of long-tail searches, it is in the form of voice searches, it is in the form of a really short question like searches. So if you're looking at a tool with comprehensive keyword search capabilities, there are tools like Uber suggest or within Google AdWords itself, there is a keyword planner tool. But, the issue with the Adwords Keyword planner tool is that unless you actually spend on Google AdWords, you will not be given the full features.

ubersuggest keyword research
Keyword Research on Ubersuggest

So if you are an agency typically working with smaller websites like 10-page websites, 15-page websites, or if you are a business and starting off on your SEO journey, then choosing a tool which has good comprehensive keyword research functionality that should be sufficient. Remember there is nothing to beat a tool called Google trends when it comes to understanding what people are searching in the last 24 hours in the last week, in the last two, three days. So for example, if you want to know what people are searching in the current lockdown, that cannot be a better tool than Google trends to understand what is the kind of consumer intent within the various categories.

google trends search on covid 19 updates
Google trends search

Moving on - From smaller websites to much larger websites. Say website has thousands of pages, or if you're looking at an eCommerce site, these kinds of sites tend to have a lot more tech issues, which can impact SEO, and hence you need to go for more holistic tools, which would help you give a more detailed tech analysis of what are the various issues that could impede the ranking process.

So when we talk about more comprehensive SEO tools, we are talking about tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and these kinds of tools. So the advantage of these tools does not only do it help you audit stuff, Keyword research and tech, it also helps you do end to end tracking and implementation, which means basically you can identify the pages which are of priority, work, you can identify the keywords. , you can start implementing and also start tracking results. The tool itself will keep on telling you if you're going in the right direction. They also have very useful weekly reports, which will help you understand how you are doing with respect to competition and your own position changes on various search engines week on week. So these are more like weekly alerts, which give you a good indication of which way the ship is headed.

SEMrush ranking report dashboard
SEMrush ranking report

Remember, you can't leave out the Google Search Console and Google Analytics from the picture because these tools will tell you how your traffic is doing, how your ranking is doing. And you'd have to look at these tools every say, a couple of weeks to get a sense of how your efforts are leading to success.

So that's it. Those are the main features that you need to look for when you're hunting for SEO tools. And those were the main names in the market today.

Thank you.

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