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Gear Up For Google’s Core Update In May 2021:All that you need to know

Google on May 4th,2020 updated the online working patterns for various sectors by changing their algorithm on a new level.They called it ‘core update’ as this would shaken up the entire working of the search engine to rank sites.

What is core update?

A core update is a drastic update change that google makes to its algorithm in every 2-3 months to every indexed web page.Intent of this update is to keep relevance to the search engine by the ranking of websites.Core update is a huge deal from SEO point of view as it straight affects the ranking.To get good ranking, you need to keep your SEO game on point!. The real deal is that good ranking will get you higher reach and attract huge traffic and vice versa.The update is set to launch in May 2021.

Aspects necessary for core update:

User-friendly page experience

For any SEO campaign to succeed, page friendliness is a major concern.Core updates is one of the factors to determine good page experience

Your page needs to be user friendly and by that it should be visible within two seconds of search query.Well,that's one aspect of what page experience means. Once your user has reached your page,it should give results as quickly as possible.Search shouldn’t take much time to give results.

Page experience is a holistic experience.Right from search to page navigation,an user must be able to go through the site smoothly.The desired result must be delivered with seconds and without any errors.Developers must check in for any bugs,must work on SEO strategies before releasing any ads for the app.An error filled app or an app that crashes frequently would not be an ideal for attracting more installs.To measure the functionality of the app, along with existing systems a new signal factor is added:Core Web Vitals.

It is a metric system that check real-user’s interaction with the visibility, interactivity and loading performance of the website.It helps to understand stability of the site.

What are Core Web Vitals?

Google is introducing ‘Core Web Vitals’ as new ranking signal to indexed websites.Core web vitals is a metric system that reviews responsiveness,speed and visual stability of a web page.This added signal along with previous ranking standards like HTTPS,mobile-friendliness,safe browsing and intrusive interstitial guidelines will be determining the ranking of a page.Businesses need to restructure their SEO campaigns as per this new signal since this will be the factor that will change the face of their ranking.They need to check the visibility,speed and responsiveness of their site inorder to secure a higher rank on SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

Core Web Vitals will included few parameters that makes it alarming signal for reviews of the web pages:

  • Largest Contentful Pain: According to this, it measures the time taken for webpage to load after search.The ideal time for LCP is 2.5seconds or faster.

  • First Input Delay:This checks for interactiveness of a webpage.How user-friendly is your web page while browsing?.The ideal for FID is 100ms.

  • Cumulative Layout Shift:This supervises your unexpected shifts in layouts of your website.It checks for visual stability.The CLS measure is less than 0.1

It is to be noted that these measures are not stable,they will differ from year to year.

How to measure Core Web Vitals?

When it comes to measuring Core Web Vitals, SEOs and site owners can use a variety of Google’s own tools such as

  • Search Console

  • PageSpeed Insights

  • Lighthouse

  • Chrome DevTools

  • Chrome UX report

Solution:Get your site user-friendly ready

The only way out is to get your site ready for this core update by working on the parameters clearly stated & adapt to a keyword rich SEO strategy.


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