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Google News For Publishers: All you need to know about it!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Source: Search Engine Journal

As a news aggregator platform that has gained the trust of many over the years since its inception in 2002, Google News is the go-to digital publishing space today. Articles that show under the News tab acquire more hits, hence increasing the traffic to the website that features them. Google’s algorithm is the driving force behind what appears on the News tab which makes it necessary to abide by the set standards.

If you are a digital publisher looking to dominate this space, then here’s a list of questions that you might be looking for answers to.

  • How do I increase Google News traffic?

Before publishing on Google News, it is essential that the content be keyword researched. The content needs to be relevant and fresh. Keywords research helps find 85% of the news search terms that people are most likely to use, the rest 15% of searches are brand new and change daily.

  • How do I see Google News traffic?

The Google News traffic can be measured using the HTTP referrers - “" or "” On-page analytics can be used to check the standard HTML and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) articles.

  • Is AMP required for Google News?

AMP format is no longer in use. Google has discontinued prioritizing the AMP format in the Top Stories section.

  • How do you get picked up on Google news?

To be featured on Google News:

  1. Visit the Google News Publisher Center.

  2. Website ownership needs to be verified by the Search Console.

  3. Send the request for inclusion.

  4. Add site details and update new section URLs.

  5. Submit it.


  • How do I publish on Google News?

Publisher Center comes in handy to publish your content on Google News by submitting RSS feeds and website URLs. Google can find your site by web crawling as well if you haven’t registered with Publisher Center.

  • Can publishers earn from Google News?

Yes, publishers can get paid using AdSense if it was included originally in the article from its ad revenue. Using different types of ad units also helps in monetizing content.

  • How do I rank higher on Google news?

Optimizing your website to be Google-friendly helps in being ranked higher. Relevance, prominence, freshness, location, and language are the key factors to pay heed to.

  • How do I know if my site is appearing on Google News?

If your article is listed under the News tab when you search for it then, your site has been approved. Optimizing your site helps with the chances of inclusion. If Google’s algorithm doesn’t identify your content as news then it won’t be listed under the News tab. The site should be of high quality and active with original content to be shown in the News tab.

  • Can a magazine site appear in Google News?

Yes, all publishers that have been approved by the Publisher Center are featured in the News tab.

  • What is the recency of articles required for Google News?

Google’s algorithm gives importance to quality over quantity. The number of articles that have been published in a day doesn’t matter if they don’t meet the standards. Improving and correcting the website’s content will rank the article higher giving preference.

Google News is a very useful tool for publishers as it helps them to cater to industry questions and update their audience with latest happenings. Any FAQ related to publishers can be answered by publishing the article on Google News and this makes it very important for publishers to know about it.


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