How ‘Collaboration with Youtube creators and Podcasters’ benefit your brand?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Digital PR is generally considered to comprise of guest posts,blogs and press releases and press mentions. But in 2021, Digital PR is also Youtube and Podcast collaborations.As a brand,you must definitely work upon this new opportunity.

Growing space for Youtube and Podcasts during pandemic!

Covid-19 brought new challenges for the world.Just like it,also new opportunities sprang up.Youtube saw a great rise in its viewership and subscriber base during the pandemic.Over 70 million US households started watching the content on Youtube,ranging from education,entertainment,sports,work-related etc. Lockdown gave a new life to Youtube.

Podcasts too have seen an increase in it’s viewerships.Brands need to connect to their audience by clicking on the right topic of discussion to endorse their products.According to Voxnest, the consumption of podcasts in Europe has increased upto 53%,Italy by 29%,Spain by 25% whereas US saw a dip of 20% in total podcasts listenings.It also brought various famous personalities on the platforms as the face.Spotify leads in getting personalities as podcasters for various topics.

Source:Retail Dive .

Noted: Collaborations are the best!

There is a specific reason why Youtube and podcast platforms have seen a rise in the market-Collaboration.Yes, you read it right!.Collaboration with various content creators can help you to garner larger audiences.Influencers endorse your products in their content creatively which leaves an impression on their audiences.

In short,some reasons that you must consider about collaboration:

  • They are inexpensive-Production budgets are not hefty when it comes to online collaborations.

  • Newer and Unique audience-Due to virtual promotion,your brand may become successful in grabbing new audiences.Influencers are smart to pull their unique audience to your products.Do not miss this new market at all!

  • Different approach-Unlike,traditional audience youtube has a much younger demographic,this vibrant audience is the best to pitch your product as they are easily attracted and curious to try new stuff.

  • Go Viral-The biggest advantage of collaborating with a creator is to get a chance to get viral.Your strategy when combined with the creative juices of the influencer may work wonders!

Types of Youtube Collaborations

  1. Shout Outs- This is a very effective way of collaborating with influencers.Your brand can mention them in the description box or add their social media handles in your videos or mention the influencer in the content and the same should be done by the influencer.

2. Liking or commenting on each other's posts- An unique way of implementing collaboration is to like/comment on your influencers posts or videos. This shows good communication and sense of trust about your brand among the followers.

3. Create ‘challenge’ videos- Make use of a hashtag to create a challenge which would be performed by your influencer who would further request the followers to take the same.Through this, your brand would be identified within larger audience.Keeping your brand name as part of challenge name is a good idea!

4. Create a series videos-With the help of the influencer,create a video series keeping your brand/product as the main attraction of the video. Adding a social message to your product works for a series!

How to choose the right partner for Youtube Collaboration?

When collaborating,brands must be vigilant about their selection of influencers.But,how to do that?.Brands must provide complete knowledge about their product to the prospect influencers.Also,make sure you shortlist the influencers first before pitching your proposal to them.

Before making a selection,make su