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How much do you need to be concerned about EAT in your SEO efforts?

  1. Both News and Discover depend on EAT aspects since it comprises in the “YMYL”

  2. It shows the offline brand that you have

  3. E-A-T of the creators of the MC [main content] is extremely important when a website has different authors or content creators on different pages

  4. News articles must be factually accurate to demonstrate a high level of E‑A-T

  5. If there is a "lack of credibility and E-A-T for the content creator for the intent of the website, the low or lowest rating is acceptable"

  6. Backlinks from relevant, authoritative domains will help to increase the authority of your website

  7. clear contact information to ensure How visitors can get in touch with you by displaying your contact details in a prominent position.

  8. Having a positive personal brand is absolutely vital if you want the quality score for your page to trump others in your niche

  9. If your content is regularly shared across social media, Google will recognize this as a sign of authority

  10. That is why people are doing podcasts, youtube, etc...



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