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Since the fast growth of Internet in India, we have seen new and rising stars from all over the country. Youtube is a video platform where creators can choose the content they want to show the users and engage them using their own personal skills. On mobile phones alone the monthly active users are 180 million, that is a massive surge. And the numbers are only increasing. There is tremendous scope and opportunity to grow successful on a platform like Youtube for personal and business agendas.

Starting from the TOP, BB KI VINES is India's most favorite and most viewed Youtube Channel. Bhuvan Bam chose entertainment as his Niche and uses Comedy to engage users. The reason for viewers to like,share and subscribe to his page is mainly because of ORIGINAL and QUALITY CONTENT.

Sanam, India's original band focuses on Indian Musical Arts and their choice for Niche is Music. The unique selling point of the band is original voice and covers of songs that were legendary. The idea that the top 5 Youtube Stars follow is engaging users with repeated quality content.

Nisha Madhulika

*Nisha Madhulika's July 2018 earnings

Nisha Madhulika started growing after six years. She had 18,790 subscribers in October 2015. By July 2018 she has 2,93,070 NEW SUBSCRIBERS. She has her cooking channel and her continuous uploads of new and innovative recipes has given her loyal followers.

A core content strategy for Youtube Channel is extremely important to get user subscription. Sandeep Maheshwari who has 3,35,740 new subscribers for July 2018 is a motivational speaker.

BB KI VINES and Nisha Madhulika are India's Youtube Millionaires. Their total net worth is above 1 Million Dollars. Great views and having a great number of subscribers definitely provides results and that is monetization from youtube videos.

Amit Bhadana another great entertainer is also earning Rs. 17,04,062 for the month of July. Each video is a short skit enacted by him, repeated funny dialogue and relatable content is a great way to engage users.

(all earnings are estimate. $1 per 1000 views)

A great Youtube Business Strategy focuses on three key factors, Views, Subscribers and finally the returns from creating quality Youtube Videos.


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