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Keap Alternative Tools-Top Features & Best Prices in 2020

Updated: May 16, 2020

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CRM software can help by synchronizing customer communications among business units. Sales, marketing and customer care would all be manageable in the same place. It acts as a system of record for contacts and accounts throughout the customer lifecycle. With CRM platform companies can automate, track, analyze and optimize customer interaction.

One of the most favoured CRM software in a business is Keap CRM. Today Keap is the pioneer of CRM and marketing automation software for all sizes of business. Right now it has over 200,000 global users. Keap costs up to $79 per month where all organizations can't bear to spend it. In this post, we help you to discover ideal options of Keap CRM at one spot.

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To Begin with, Here is the Pricing Comparison Chart:

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Best alternatives for Keap:

1. Scoro:

Scoro is a cloud-based professional service and recommended solution for small to medium size organizations in consulting, advertising, IT and other ventures. The platform gives a central hub point that shows pending tasks, KPIs, account information, calendar events and more on a single window.

  • Customized dashboards for sales pipeline, project execution and resourcing give significant bits of information with respect to which part of the business needs more improvement depending on real-time team input.

  • Reallocation of tasks to different team members so that the management of activities is more dynamic, sparing time in resetting a particular task.

  • Get a visual outline of your business funnel and track how leads move throughout the phase.


  • Scoro is highly customisable, so it can be time-consuming to plan the setup.

2. Pipedrive:

Pipedrive is one of the best CRM tools and sales management tool for small agencies with big ambitions. It visualises your business sales pipeline and ensures important tasks and discussions won't get dropped. Sales representatives truly like it since it's very useful and intuitive. What's more, managers like it because they don’t need to nag their team to use their CRM.

  • Built-in forecasting, integrations with other software such as Google Apps, Zapier and MailChimp togetherly form a powerful API for those that like to "roll their own" product arrangements.

  • Get to know all stages of every lead and manage real-time.

  • Following up with the selling movement so everyone in the business group can be acknowledged about the status of each deal.


  • No provision to send emails/sales campaigns from within the CRM.

3. Salesforce:

Salesforce assists businesses of all sizes, accelerates sales, automates the task and settles on smarter choices so you can develop your business quickly. Additionally, it also helps you close deals faster at any time.

  • Manage tasks and current activities. Appoint due dates and incorporate to calendars to oversee daily schedules and needs.

  • Arrange an online partner portal to team up on sales opportunities and to share product pricing, ordering, training data and quoting.

  • It synchronizes well with outreach which makes the business operations work much easier to do.


  • The application is not capable of loading more than 2000 contacts.

4. Nutshell:

Nutshell is a CRM platform that is designed for sales representatives to reach a new level of success, solving the problems which most sales teams counter and making their workflow easy.

  • Helps small ventures to win more deals in a shorter period of time.

  • Nutshell integrates with many other software which are mainly utilized by small businesses including G Suite, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Its a sort of all mainstream application in one window.

  • Easy to use, easy to learn, and very easy to set up. It integrates with many plug-ins to maximize its value. Also to note that customer service is absolutely helpful.

  • Map view allows you to filter customers/prospects via areas. This helps to analyze gaps in the process base and allows them to target these areas.


  • Users experience difficulty in adding companies, leads and people on the mobile version.

5. Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM is cloud-based software, integrated with applicable customer relationship management platforms that takes into account the necessities of business operations and organization of all sizes. More than 150,000 organizations over the world use Zoho CRM to build enduring customer connections and maximize team efficiency.

  • Extended omnichannel support for email, social media, phone, live chat and in-person meetings make Zoho CRM the most firmly integrated framework in the market.

  • Zoho's AI-powered sales assistant, Zia, gives propelled interpretations, solutions and forecasts for the sales team.

  • Integrated system by Zoho offers customized user experience via applications for both mobile and web.

  • Speed up your sales team efficiency with the precise prediction of potential revenue, and utilize it to surpass your sales standards.


  • Users suggested that customer care should be more agile with quick response.

So the key takeaways are

Choosing the right Keap alternative as per your business needs isn’t easy, but you’ve come to the right place for help. We hope that you find the above list of Keap alternatives and its notable feature helpful.

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