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Not Growing your Email List - The Number 1 Reason for your Email Campaigns not taking off.

How Smart is your Email Marketing | Episode 11

Transcription of Podcast:

Hey hello everyone. Welcome to the weekly series on How Smart is your Email Marketing. Every week we take up a different theme. Last week it was YouTube, and this week is going to be email marketing, and in this podcast, we are going to be talking about how you can build your email list most smartly with the help of the right tools and right features in those tools.

Okay, so let's go. The first one is, something which you may not be expecting, it is a website, Now a website is something which people generally just have a contact us form on the website and just forget about the fact that they have so much of real estate all over the website where they can reach, they can use to try and get email addresses. So it could be at a small budget kind of thing at the right-hand side or something more prominent at the top, or you could have a like a banner in between the landing page or the blog post content. The idea is to come up with ways in which you can effectively use the real estate on your website.

Tools for getting Email ids. dashboard(on left). scout dashboard(on right) dashboard(on left). scout dashboard(on right)

Next, I'm on to email hunting tools. Now there are many in the market, like, our favorite ones are EmailHunter and Scout. I think it can be used to get email addresses in bulk, but please remember that one of the biggest disadvantages of such tools is that people change companies. Email addresses will need to be verified again on LinkedIn by checking if that person is still working with that company. Then there are options Klose which will give you a database in addition to an email marketing tool.

Squeeze pages & Splash Pages.

Next, we come to squeeze pages. It is a landing page, which is designed to capture the optimum email addresses from potential subscribers. And as the name suggests, it would come within the user journey on the website. That's why it's like squeezed between page A and page B or just when someone's about to, shut page A. Splash page is, another way to implement a squeeze page, splash pages are the pages which users see when they first visit your homepage. So when they first land on your website or your homepage, they will see, a squeeze page, which is called a splash page because it is right on the homepage. And the first thing which a user sees. Now the reaction of some people do splash and squeeze pages is that it is annoying now this is a thing right now if you offer something which is of value, which is which people feel like subscribing to people are not going to then find it annoying. So it's as simple as coming up with something which is of definite and tangible value to people who are dead on that page.


Next, we come to chatbots. These are getting increasingly sophisticated. So you can program these chatbots based on the time a person spends on a website, of course, based on where, which section of which page he is. The chatbot can integrate with any of the proprietary databases that you have. So a lot of customization is possible, and there are quite a few options, like a TDO, Zoho, if you're requiring more customization with the backend, dialogue flow from Google is a good option. Then there are other very popular ones, like manychat and mobilemonkey which are getting a lot of acceptance from our businesses.

And be sure to follow the laws of the land, or especially if you're in Europe with GDPR, there are tools like MailChimp, which, comply at all phases of the email marketing process, you know making it very clear to consumers that are collecting data, taking their consent, allowing people to unsubscribe easily without logging into anything, you know, allowing people to edit what you can do with that data so that there are tools like MailChimp, which are very good and, which make it easy to comply with GDPR.

So, that's it thank you for your time. If you, if you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to subscribe to this podcast and there are a couple of more such podcasts around email marketing, which should be coming this week. If you want to make a, your own shortlist of tools of which are relevant for your business and your gut into a phase of growth, head to & Thank you.

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