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Pandemic Search Trends Report on Google in India: Implications for the Pharma & Healthcare industry

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Transcription of Podcast:

Recently Google released the, what is India searching for insights for brands, April 2020 report. I thought it would be very interesting to look at the support from an industry perspective. And so hence, this podcast is about the implications of that report for the pharma and healthcare industry.

One thing to note is that before the pandemic also medical and healthcare has been a very active category. The sheer diversity in the number of queries which happen you know, is the biggest indication of that is the fact that you will find a question for most of the healthcare-related queries, which means that people are really looking for a variety of queries and the best way for a pharma or healthcare company to address is to really have a good FAQ section on your website, whether it is, you're talking about FAQs for doctors, is actually, largely for end-users, This report actually talks about the various kinds of queries and categories of queries, which are, which are doing well for the sake of the pharma and healthcare.

I've actually divided it into the following four categories. So one is a need-based query.

So, you know, these would be queries like pharmacies near me or vet doctors near me. All of which have increased substantially during the pandemic and the best way to address this, if you are, if you're trying to target such queries is to have a very good, Google business listing.

Now there are a few aspects of the order, which can be optimized. It's not like a web page where they are quite a few aspects, but basically if you have a Google business listing, then you have to see that the way, the businesses, referred to in the listing, the kind of keywords, which are there in the back end, and very importantly, the kind of reviews that you have that is going to decide, whether you come up for, queries, like, you know, pharmacies near me, for example, which definitely mean that the Google business listing panel gets activated.

search stats of "pharmacy near me"

The second bucket is what I call the lifestyle bucket. So basically these are, queries like a gym at home or yoga at home, or learning fitness exercises at home. You know, these kinds of queries whichever done extremely well in, during the pandemic. Now, if you're trying to target these, you really need to go do a good job with respect to your YouTube channel because these queries are happening on YouTube and the best way to address this would be to have a free session or something, which can be viewed easily right before you start expecting business individuals to start contacting you.

Then the third bucket is where a consumer is trying to know more about a particular element or this certain medical condition. And, as you as can be expected, boosting immunity was one of the top searches. What people are really searching for, what things like, you know, things that are on vitamin C and local homegrown remedies. Now, if you're a pharma and healthcare company, you know, even if this is not directly something which you deal with, you know, it's one of, it's a great opportunity to build your brand among end-users at large because this is what is playing in their mind right now.

search stats of "immunity"

And the last bucket would be collaboration. Consumers trying to reach doctors for consultation online. Queries are like doctor consulting, doctors online and things like these have again done. Well now. If you're a doctor, of course, it means that this is, this is an opportunity to move beyond practo and, the Google business listing, because that's what we've seen a lot of, we've seen doctors being overly dependent on, on these two things to get, interest. Now, this is an opportunity to reach out to people who have issues who are open to receiving advice online. And definitely, if you're a pharma company, you can reach out to doctors. This is a good time when you know, You know, gender your doctors a really short of time, but this is a time when they will probably be in a mindset to attend a virtual conference and a webinar.

search stats of "laptop on rent"

But you know that one observation you have is that generally, webinars are unidirectional, you need to give an opportunity for the participants to also network among each other, you know, just, just to dislike the way it happens in an offline event.

So, yeah, those were the implications for pharma and healthcare, for the pharma and healthcare industry, the link for the report is that in the blog post, please download and read it. It's a very informative one. And, if you're looking for, for the right tool to manage the SEO, we, in fact, have an entire product built around helping businesses, shortlisting tools. This link is also that in the blog posts. And that's it from me. Thank you. And have a good day. Bye.

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