9 Best Content Curation Tools And Their Key Features in 2019 | BuzzSumo v/s Feedly v/s Scoop.it!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Updated on 21 July, 2019.

With such vast and diversified data available on Social Media, at times it can be really tedious curating the content that you need manually, or analyzing your particular interests or competitors so this is where content marketing tools come for your rescue.

These content marketing tools help you make the best use of all the data that's available out there and put it to use in the best possible way.

Here's a quick comparison of some of the best content marketing tools in the market right now.


BuzzSumo is a one stop solution for all the content related research, social media analysis and assists in exploring the trends as well. BuzzSumo is also one of the top content marketing tools. The find influencers feature works in two ways to find the influencer you want, one where you can find a influencer with a same target audience as you require and the second one is finding top content creators in a particular industry and have them work for you.

Pros :

  • Free version available

  • Great user experience, easy to navigate and great visuals

  • Helps you profile influencers by the type of content they are interested in

  • Search function offers a lot of granular control

Cons :

  • Sometimes there are very broad results to searches

  • Cannot add negative keywords in searches

  • Cannot search for Instagram influencers

  • Lacks in influencer reach beyond twitter

  • Lowest pricing plan has lot of limitations at that cost


Feedly is a content marketing tool that allows users to gather, collate, organize and use web content into a cohesive experience. Feedly offers cloud-based access for web browsers via free signup, Feedly is supported on Mac, IOS and Android. Feedly's smart reader environment automatically brings users favorite content , from websites, blogs, and even YouTube video channels into a single place.

Pros :

  • Free for basic use

  • Popularity count shows how popular the post is on Feedly and other social networks.

  • Vast amount of integrations

  • Save content to read later via third parties

Cons :

  • You only get total count and not sorted by different networks.

  • Only upto 100 feeds for free


Scoop.it Enterprise is a content marketing tool that is used by thousands of companies for content curation and monitoring. Scoop.it is very efficient and impacting for marketing and knowledge sharing. Scoop.it curation service also helps millions of clients to develop their online thought leadership.

Pros :

  • Free option available

  • Highly visual interface and easy to use

  • You can use the RSS feeds to add own resources

  • Cheaper than buzzsumo

Cons :

  • Not as flexible or customizable as you’d want.

  • The search parameters are not always accurate and may show up articles that are not relevant. Requires a little fine tuning.


Curata is a content marketing tool that enables clients to grow leads and revenue with content,Content curation is also a integral part of this content marketing tool; editorial calendar and workflow to optimize content planning and creation; and analytics to help

learn what works, from shares and pages views, to leads generated and revenue influenced by content.

Pros :

  • Find and fine-tune content sources and publish the repurposed content from same platform

  • Quite easy to set up the platform

  • Relevance score tells you how relevant is the article to you

  • Can share content on the fly with chrome plug-in

Cons :