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Top 10 Social Media Posting tools and key features | BuzzSumo Vs HootSuite

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Updated on July 20, 2019

With Social Media Posting tool being the best possible way to connect with audience, expand the reach of your business and interact with your customers, at times it can be overwhelming if you don't have knowledge about the relevant tools.

These Social Media Posting tools not only ease the workload but also enable you to analyse your social media and take necessary steps to improve your overall presence online.

In this article we'll be covering up some interesting Social Media Posting tools to Publish content on Social Media, understand their pros and cons and compare some of their features.

Social Posting Automation Tools


Hootsuite is the world's most extensively used Social Media Posting tool with over 16 million users globally. It is designed for companies to implement social media projects across multiple social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and YouTube. Teams can join forces within a secure environment across all devices and departments to manage social media profiles, engage with customers, and create revenue.

Latest Features:

  • New App: Audiogram

Share memorable podcast moments! Convert your audio into video with animated waveforms and automatically transcribed captions.

  • Recommended metrics in reports

When you add a new metric to any of your reports in Hootsuite Analytics, you’ll now see recommended relevant and popular metrics.

  • Get your best times to publish in Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite now generates suggestions for the best time to post to meet your social goals. Suggestions are based on your previous post performance across Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles, Instagram Profiles, LinkedIn Pages, and LinkedIn Profiles, as well as data on when your followers are online for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Suspend scheduled posts

For those days when social media goes sideways, we’ve added the ability for organization admins to suspend scheduled posts across all social networks, then resume publishing when the time is right.

  • Hootsuite Inbox now supports Instagram DMs and Stories

Manage and respond to your Instagram business accounts messages and Stories right from your Hootsuite Inbox. Reconnect your Instagram profiles and make sure message access is turned on in Instagram to start seeing Instagram messages.

Pros :

  • Free plan available, where up to 5 social media channels can be added

  • Lots of social networks supported

  • Answers to commonly asked “tweets” can be saved as drafts to send out

  • Team management feature to delegate tasks to specific team members.

Cons :

  • Detailed analytics reports are expensive. It can cost up to $50 per report.

  • CRM integration not available.

  • The multi-column layout looks a bit clunky.

  • No ability to pause bulk posts

  • Preview post option is buggy and sometimes will not show link preview.



Buffer is an intuitive Social Media Posting tool trusted by brands, companies, agencies, and individuals to help lead significant engagement and results on social media. Buffer has a suite of products for publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration

Latest Features:

  • Reading an article you love? Share it in seconds with the Buffer browser extension

Save time and Buffer content from anywhere on the web. Once installed, the Buffer icon appears at the top of your browser window. To share the page that you’re currently viewing, all you’d need to do is click the Buffer icon.

  • Be cutting-edge with your visuals: Native video and animated GIF support

Boost engagement with moving pictures. Buffer smoothly handles video and GIF uploads. GIFs are another great way to use Buffer to spice up your content mix. They help to convey emotion and express meaning in ways that videos, photos, and text can’t quite do.

  • Save Time with Buffer for Instagram

Buffer for Instagram and it has been wildly helpful in growing our Instagram followers and engagement. You can now schedule posts and Stories, save and manage your hashtags, and drive sales through a shoppable page, and more. A recipe for success on Instagram!

Pros :

  • Free plan offers 3 social accounts and 10 posts scheduled per social account

  • Ease-of-use interface

  • Customer support

  • Optimal scheduling tool to suggest and plan posts months in advance

  • With Pablo plugin, you can create your own images with required size and format for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

  • Ability to post content to all social pages at once, no need to schedule individually

  • With access specifiers for each member, multiple team members (max 25) can access the same account

  • Provides frequent updates that help you to adapt to ever-changing social media platforms

Cons :

  • Limited functionality with free version

  • Takes time to get instagram posting correct

  • Inbuilt support available for fewer platforms than hootsuite

  • All Buffer paid plans are configured for a team of at least five members. So, if you have a team of only three members, you still have to purchase the plan for five members.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a Social Media Posting tool aimed at helping entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses, full-service and niche agencies, and enterprise corporations, integrate and partner with social media platforms.

Instead of updating every single one of your profiles individually,use Sprout Social as a one-stop location where you can manage everything related to your social media marketing, including content creation, publishing, scheduling, and reporting and analytics.

Latest Features:

  • Smart Inbox

Monitor and engage with messages across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all in one place with a unified social inbox.

  • Review Management

Monitor and manage your business reviews across Facebook, Google My Business and TripAdvisor in one unified stream.

  • Automated Conversational Workflow (Chatbots)

Set up chatbots for conversational experiences in Twitter DMs and Facebook Messenger using an intuitive Bot Builder.

Pros :

  • Free trial of 30 days to try out the features

  • Clean dashboard and additional analytics

  • Integrated social media image editor

  • Live activity updates so duplicate posts don’t go out

  • Well-organised dashboard in six sections

  • Multiple social administrators can work from tasks tab

Cons :

  • Does not support the management of Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups

  • Pricing starts at higher bracket



Sendible is the leading Social Media Posting tool for organizations looking to manage social media more efficiently for their clientele. The Sendible tool brings all your social networks together into a centralized hub and is the easiest way to execute social media plans for multiple brands at scale.

Latest Features:

  • Find Influencers

Finding influencers to help promote offers and strengthen client brands can be challenging. Sendible makes this easier through its integration with Majestic. Historically, Sendible used Klout to identify influencers, however, this proved to be a less accurate way to determine the extent of a person’s influence.

  • Optimal posting analysis

Optimal posting analysis helps users determine when to post messages for the best engagement and reach. To make use of this feature, users will need to have published a certain amount of content for Sendible to gather insights on the optimum times and days of the week for future posts.

  • Smart Queues

Message queues have become one of the most valuable services offered by social media management platforms. As a solution, they help users pick when to post content, and in Sensible's case, offer a little something extra.

Pros :

  • Innovative set of Instagram tools like making last minute changes, best times to post

  • Bulk-schedule content with images by just uploading a CSV file

  • Easy to set up workflows

  • Notification for mentions of company on a blog or any other channel

Cons :

  • Geographic keyword monitoring isn’t always accurate

  • Is costly if you want actual useful features and multiple accounts



SocialOomph is an Social Media Posting tool designed by a Canada-based firm. The app has been in the market since April 2008.Originally launched as a tool to aid users in seeking out friends within Twitter, Social Oomph has grown enormously. The app is recommended for users seeking to increase their visibility and followers in social media.

Latest Features:

  • Track keywords on Twitter

SocialOomph will find tweets that contain these keywords and email you a list of them every 12 or 24 hours (your choice).

  • Account Cleaning

Delete direct messages from your inbox after a set period of time, delete unwanted Tweets on your account and auto-delete outdated Twitter and Facebook feeds after a set time.

Pros :

  • Free plan available with base features completely free to use

  • Manage upto 5 twitter accounts with free plan

  • Primary focus is twitter

  • Monitor new followers and automate task of direct messages

  • Queues reservoir for evergreen content to be promoted (and reshared)

Cons :

  • Most of the advanced features are geared towards twitter

  • Interface is a text-based and looks a bit outdated

  • Calendar view is missing


Social Pilot

Manage all of your social media accounts and improve your social media effectiveness on one platform with automated post scheduling and many other unique features. SocialPilot is a Social Media Posting tool for social media professionals and digital marketers! Schedule your posts to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram.

Latest Features:

  • Connect 50+ Accounts & Schedule Posts

Connect and manage 50+ social profiles. Start posting on each of the social networks from one unified social media scheduling tool. Schedule a single post multiple times across your social networks.

  • Trusted & Secure Client Management

Give your clients complete peace of mind with SocialPilot’s secure, hassle-free client account management which enables them to securely connect their social media accounts without the need to share credentials.

  • Visual Support

SocialPilot supports image, video and GIF scheduling to take care of your visual marketing campaigns.

Pros :

  • 14-day free trial available

  • Allows you to upload an excel sheet with 500 tweets along with images

  • Schedule posts in different time-zones

  • Post same update across all profiles at one time

  • Bulk scheduling available

Cons :

  • Only twitter and facebook analytics available

  • Pricing is on costlier side

  • Posting to YouTube not available



Agorapulse is a Social Media Posting tool and Customer relation management platform that allows businesses to manage their social media messages, schedule and publish posts, identify key influencers, monitor social channels, and get stunning reports all in one easy to use dashboard. AgoraPulse currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. And yes, we offer Instagram video publishing!

Latest Features:

  • New Reports UI

We rang in 2020 with a big update to our reporting user interface (UI). Our design team gave our single-profile reports a new look and reorganized the metrics.

  • Alternative Text

Want to make your posts more accessible to a wider group of users? In November, we launched our alternative text feature, which lets you add alt tags to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter images.

  • Power Reports Add-On

To help you get even more out of our social media analytics, Agorapulse debuted Power Reports. Designed to help you produce more insightful social media reports in less time, Power Reports include.

Pros :

  • You can automatically categorise audiences based on qualification badges or manually by tagging

  • Best used for facebook automation

  • Preview and edit posts for each social media channel to make them different before posting.

  • Innovative post analytics and reporting tools to trace social content performance

Cons :

  • No support for pinterest

  • When drafting, no save for later option


SEMrush is an online Social Media Posting and content marketing tool that makes sure businesses get significant results from online marketing. With over 3,000,000 users, SEMrush offers solutions for clients.

Latest Features:

  • Posting to Instagram Now Available in Free Social Media Poster

No more email reminders and manual posting. Just like you already do for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, you can draft, edit, schedule and post beautiful pictures and videos to your Instagram Business account without leaving the Semrush interface.

  • Social Media Ads: Performance Report

The Performance Report is set to help advertisers in optimizing their social ad campaigns by highlighting in detail their weak and strong points. You will see a complete picture of troubled spots to be fixed, and the most effective growth points to be honed.

Pros :

  • SEMRush allows you to monitor your competitors’ social media audiences growth rate and content

  • You can Add a Poster Chrome extension to share your favorite content in one click

  • SEMrush can carry out keyword research.

  • Innovative post analytics and reporting tools to trace social content performance

Cons :

  • Not all keywords are included in a report

  • SEMrush has a steep learning curve.


ZOHO Social is a smart Social Media Posting tool that helps companies grow their online presence by reaching to their target audience.Zoho allows tracking of revenue, managing multiple social networks, monitoring keywords, scheduling posts and team collaboration from a single dashboard. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram and can be integrated with ZOHO CRM.

Latest Features:

  • Alt Text and Instagram DM

Improve web accessibility and respond to your Instagram messages with Alt Text and Instagram DM from within Zoho Social's dashboard.

  • Design on Canva with Zoho Social

Create designs for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more with our 'Design on Canva' button. Choose from different preset templates and styles to manage social media graphics right from your Zoho Social window.

  • All-new Zoho Social: Scale up your content, teamwork & more

Introducing the revamped Zoho Social—now with Approvals and Workflow for content management, RSS feeds & zShare v.2 for curation, and scheduling enhancements ranging from Instagram first comment to YouTube publishing!

Pros :

  • Zoho android app - This app keeps you close with all the information you might require.

  • Zoho provides insights by providing in depth analysis and custom reports.

  • Zoho supports all major social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

Cons :

  • Only one photo can be uploaded on a scheduled post.

  • Does not give a recommended time for scheduling posts.

  • Does not offer automated scheduling of posts.


Crowdfire is a Social Media Posting tool used by brands and individuals all over the world to help increase social media reach and growth.Accessible through Web, Android and iOS apps, it’s a powerful Social Media Posting tool to attract and target followers on Twitter, Instagram and various other platforms.

Latest Features:

  • Auto-customize content for each social platform

  • Article Curation

Updation in articles curation from across the web from thousands of sources. Spend time on your content strategy and leave the curation to us.

  • Analytics

Only by analyzing the statistics and allowing the numbers to guide your approach can you determine whether you’re running a successful social media campaign.

Pros :

  • Crowdfire automatically customizes content based on social platform.

  • Add targets and get suggestion on what you should post to please your audience.

  • Easy access all around through Web, Android and iOS apps.

Cons :

  • No simple way to repost posts.

  • Does not give a recommended time for scheduling posts.

  • Does not offer automated scheduling of posts.


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