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Hellotars, Botsify or Botpress Alternatives - Free Trial & Paid Chatbot Tools

Updated: May 18, 2020

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Finding a low-cost chatbot which can help your website audience engage? Finding alternatives for Hellotars? Finding alternatives for Botsify or Botpress chatbots? Based on our research here you can get alternatives for above chatbot builders at your budget.

Hellotars is one of the top chatbots which can expand your change rates and produce leads. Tars make a conversational work process to engage with your Ad-Click Prospects, give them a conversational post-click understanding and convert them better. Botsify assists individuals with building AI-empowered live chat for their organizations without any coding required. Whereas about Botpress, it is an adaptable, completely on-prem conversational application for enterprises to automate chats and work processes.

All these 3 chatbot tools are pretty cool, but with great features comes higher pricing. Small businesses won't consider being able to use these chatbots because of limited budgets. That’s why they tend to search Hellotars alternatives, Botsify alternatives, Botpress alternatives and so on. Here we guide those peoples, giving an idea for alternates of above and without confusion, you can explore such chatbot builder options with similar features and less pricing.

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To Begin with, Here is the Pricing Comparison Chart:

Pricing table of chatbot tools

Best alternatives for Hellotars, Botsify or Botpress

Chatfuel gives a self-serve platform to build Facebook Messenger chatbots. This application has an intuitive visual interface that empowers non-technical and business users to structure and assemble chatbot streams and set up conversational parameters. Developers additionally advantage from an effectively editable front-end and features that enable flexibility and custom integration. Chatfuel is the biggest platform for building Facebook Messenger chatbots, fueling 46% of all bots based on the application.

  • Without coding helps all sizes of business build bots, personalize marketing, increase sales, and automate support.

  • It is easy to utilize, you don't require chatbot making experience, simply writing abilities.

  • With the Pro Plan, you can export the Messenger ID of every user into a spreadsheet by tapping on the "send out" catch and use it to make more focused ads.

  • Duplicate messaging tracks for multiple Facebook pages, which spares time when you're setting up a few channels.


  • The free version comes with Chatfuel branding.

  • A bit complex to view the whole interaction and how the messages are linked in the communication flow.

SnatchBot offers an innovative stage intended to streamline business work processes and communications with a single message-based interface. SnatchBot's omnichannel stage lets the user determine the channels through which they'd prefer to connect.

Snatchbot’s builder application allows businesses to publish chatbots on web apps, mobile devices, and other chat services such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, SnatchApp, Viber, Skype, and many others.

  • It is completely free!!

  • There are a variety of chatbots available based on specific task and common chatbot use cases.

  • Set up bots to your preferred channels with a single click, from their bot directory.


  • First-time users can find it complicated.

ManyChat assists businesses to do online marketing, sales through Facebook Messenger. One can create a chatbot quickly in 5 minutes without coding knowledge. It is in application over 100'000 bots on Facebook Messenger and is the pioneer in the marketing sector. The company makes it simple to develop the Messenger crowd by giving a total set of tools to change over any person into a subscriber.

  • Easy to use interface and supporting community.

  • Before you send a broadcast, you can check to see who is going to receive your message (# of users & name) and set a specific time for sending.

  • Bulk actions feature, a very useful feature to perform actions like adding or removing a tag from multiple users, subscribing or unsubscribing users from a sequence in bulk.

  • LiveChat tool that allows you (or your team) to communicate with your subscribers, jumping into conversations to answer questions, manage subscribers’ data manually.


  • Some users encountered specific browser-based issues that required them to switch browsers for more effective development of chatbot flows. is online chat-based marketing automation which assists you doing smart and customized marketing. Also helps you convert a great amount of your social, visitors, on-site and ads traffic into leads.

  • CRM or other tools can be connected with chat solutions like Marketing, Sales & Support department.

  • Chat experts ensure you to get better ROI by assisting you with chat strategy.


  • According to users, the Whatsapp bot builder needs improvement.

BotStar is a chatbot software that empowers businesses and agencies to create, send, and manage acute chatbots to engage site visitors, improve interaction, and drive conversions to leads.

The platform gives the user a good visual manager intended to simplify chatbot development, empowering them to create and deploy chatbots with understanding their crowd.

  • BotStar accompanies a chatbot editor preference that is highly visual and graphical and user friendly. You don't need to be a specialist in making completely functional chatbots.

  • Assembles knowledge from all interactions with your website visitors, rapidly identifies and catches huge data from which you can derive actionable insights.

  • BotStar permits you to incorporate NodeJS coding, Nested and Modular Block, and NLP into the framework.


  • You have to train your bot and install the plugin to integrate your bot to your sites.

Key Takeaways are:

We hope you get your solution for Hellotars alternatives, Botsify alternatives, Botpress alternatives, Chatbot builders at a low price. So know what your customers or website visitors needs are (along with your monthly budget) before picking the RIGHT alternatives.

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