Top SEO Tools for Small business in 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

What are SEO Tools ?

SEO tools are web-based or desktop programs that help to improve your site for search engines. There are various applications for different SEO tasks like keyword analysis, technical optimization, traffic review, and a lot more. This article will help you with understanding the main options when it comes to choosing the right SEO tools

What Is The Need For SEO Tool In A Business ?

Clients see search engine optimization ‘SEO’ as a secret, an enigma that only those with exclusive knowledge can address. SEO is an indispensable part of any marketing manoeuvre, but its implementation does not have to be complex.

Search Ranking

The most common way to acquire Traffic on the Web is by search Ranking . The user enters a query on sites like Google, DuckDuckGO, Bing, etc. These sites then use complex computations and deliver what they think are the most appropriate and useful results.

Search engines then scrolling through thousands of pages present on web for most reverent result for users and mostly 90% of people only see first page results.

According to the latest net market share report (June 2021) 92.47% of searches were powered by Google, The common Matrix Google bots look at are Target Keyword, keyword density, meta tags, the structure of your article and much more. They also take into consideration the back-links.

SEO tool help in all the above ranking factor to rank higher and generate more traffic organically.


One needs to optimize their page to show up on the first few result pages on a search engine for the particular search query they aim for. This is not very complicated, but it does require some attention to detail.

You need to take care of these things to rank higher on your search result:

  • Make sure that search engines can locate you/your page.

  • The search engine can determine what your web page is about.

  • The search engine believes your website has the authority and credibility for the content you’re promoting.

Top features to look at while selecting a tool

1. Keyword Analysis — is the procedure of analyzing keywords or particular search expressions that draw traffic to your web page via organic and paid searches.

The keywords guide the user to your page. So, you have to use them to get your site to rank on the web.

2. Rankings Tools — Keyword ranking tools determines where your site ranks for a particular keyword. This tool takes your domain and uncovers your position on a major search engines

You need to analyze your website’s ranking, as you can then concentrate on the things that are giving your site a boost and in turn enhance your search engine rating.

3. Content Ideas — helps you produce great content. It helps by analyzing adversaries content and what people search on Search engines.

4. Link Building — Link building helps webmasters rank better on the huge search engine if executed correctly. In the field of SEO, link building reports actions aimed at boosting the number and character of incoming links to a website with the aim of enhancing the search engine rankings of that page or website

5. Link Removal Tools — this tool is designed to be the first step for content that you instantly want to be blocked. If one of your articles contains some classified information that was accidentally exposed, you can block it using this tool.

This tool can also help you if you need to protect your site that has been tapped by the Penguin algorithm. Penguin algorithm catches sites believed to be spamming.

You need SEO to improve your reach and site ratings, and to make this job easier, you should have access to specific tools, especially the ones mentioned in this article.

Here’s a list of some excellent tools to assist you to help you get the best SEO score.


SEMrush was initiated in 2008 with a vision to mold online competition into a transparent platform. Its main focus is to create a platform where everybody can get equal opportunity to operate. Just in a stretch of 9 years, this company expanded itself in such a way that everybody wants their product starting from small start-ups to big corporations. 

Top Features of SemRush

  • Keyword exploring.

  • Site Inspection.

  • Keyword Ranking.

  • Backlink Source.

  • Site Positioning.

  • Content Creation with Keywords.

  • Competitive Analysis.

Here are some Pros and cons to guide you better:


  • SEMRush offers deep insights into Organic web growth. You get advanced analytics on-page and keyword performance, opportunities for advancement and countless more.

  • Free education programs to grow your SEO expertise and use the platform more efficiently are available in abundance.

  • The keyword recommendations, project management, primary keywords tracing and can be used to beat the search engine and help you increase your ranking. 

  • The SEMRush UI is very intuitive. 


  • The Subscription is a little costly.

  • The features can be a little overwhelming.

  • One User access per subscription. 


  • Pro: $199.95/month

  • Guru: $229.95/month

  • Business: $449.95/month


MOZ provides SEO computer software, tools and education. You can look to their coaching on any subject related to SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, SEM, Local SEO, etc

Top Features of MOZ

  • Weekly Crawls & Rank Tracking

  • On-Page Recommendations