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Trend Jacking: A pivotal tactic to build your brand!

It is a tactic or a way to piggyback on the current trending topics and build your content around this. Trending stories, music, videos or news are parts of newsjacking or trendjacking. Content can be formed or repurposed based on events around the world. Trendjacking helps you to ride on the current trends or news and build your online presence.

How to begin with Trend Jacking?

  • Use Google Trends to monitor recent trending topics and news or terms.

  • Use Google Alerts to monitor keywords that are ranking in your niche category

  • Use Social Media Management tools like Hootsuite or Social Sprout to monitor your social accounts

  • Hashtags that trend on Twitter every week

  • Follow social media accounts of journalists and bloggers that cover your niche category

How do I generate results through Trendjacking?

  1. Pick up the right story or news: Keep a relevancy in check when you pick a story. The topic or news or trend should be relevant to your business or niche category. This is extremely important as the trend chosen will help to engage your content and keep your brand relevant.

  2. Be accurate: Once the topic or trend is selected build your content around it quickly. Do not be slow paced as a new trend or news might pop up later and this topic would lose it’s hype. Also, be factual about the news you choose as spreading false information will hamper your brand image.

  3. Be unique: Try to blend your creativity and take in your content as many would be piggybacking on the same trend. Keep your brand distinguishable from your competitor.

  4. Tread carefully: Make sure you don't hurt sentiments or touch upon sensitive issues to fuel your creativity. This may land your brand and it’s image in hot waters!

  5. Start promoting your ideas: You can make use of social media posts, live sessions and also cover the press over the trend or news you can piggyback on. Have conversational tweets over twitter with relevant and pre-established hashtags.

  6. Track progress: Check how your content piece performed and what insights you can draw for future projects and campaigns.

Why is Newsjacking or Trendjacking beneficial?

  • Get talking: Through newsjacking or trendjacking you can build a network. Networking is essential for any business to thrive. Your brand will find its recognition and will establish itself in the social groups and will be a part of discussions among the users or customers

  • New Customers: You will earn new customers and audience through newsjacking or trendjacking. Through the creative post or video or publication, the user will locate your website and visit atleast once to give a glance on your content & who might know will eventually become a prospective lead!

  • Social Media Engagement: Piggybacking on these trends and making reels or videos or posts around it in a funny and entertaining way will definitely boost your sales and also get your accounts reached to larger audiences.

Trendjacking Update: Google Discover is the new kid in town!

Google Discover is a smart tool that learns how you search and what you like in order to provide your with the best, or most timely content for your needs. Plus, it does that without you looking for it. It is a totally different search experience. It is a queryless search which curates blog posts, articles, listicles, web stories and other content based on your google searches and interests. It is a new way to track trends and get featured on this Android tool and get hefty traffic to your website.

How to spot trends on social media?

  • Visit @creators handle on Instagram. It is Instagram’s official handle for creators where they release trend reports for the week/month.

  • Spot the trendy music and ideas to make content around it.

You can get trend reports like these on the account,

For example, these topics went viral on social media platforms (Oct-Nov 2021)

How few brands made use of trending topics in 2021:

  1. Zomato used the trending audio "Yo bro, who got you smiling like that!" for their Diwali campaign in reels

They also used trending audio "can we skip to the good part" for reels depicting a day in any admin's life

2. McDonalds used "mera tera edit" audio from the movie Kalank to make a reel depicting our love for their food!

3. Muditam Ayurveda used the trending audio "pow pow" for their reels depicting how a fitness coach is helpful to fight weight gain

Newjacking might be an old way of conducting ‘Digital PR’ but it is still a strong tool to get leads. It is a practice that helps you to be on your toes and cash in on the change in your market or industry. Trending topics are a good boost to your business and as a smart marketer never underestimate the effect that trendjacking can have on your audience!


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