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Why you need to pay more attention to Google Discover & how can you start getting traffic from it?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Google discover is a platform where content related to your search history is shown.It works on the content you are interested to watch or read. Google collects your interests,topics that you select to be shown and curates blogs and videos that are relevant to you.Explore Google Discover on Android and Google smartphones. The major difference between google search and google discover is that it is a ‘queryless search’, i.e. you don’t need to type your query instead relevant content will be shown to you based on your frequent searches.

How does it work?

According to the product announcement, the main factors that are used to determine what content is visible to the user is:

  1. Using Google News AI/ML to bring a variety of perspectives on the latest news.

  2. Using the Topic Layer in the Knowledge Graph to understand user interests and how they over time.

What is ‘user interest’?

Google’s newest update looks out for queries posed by the user on their search and recommends content on that basis.But,this is just one of the ways interest is known by the search engine. ‘User Interests’ contains your search history, locations,browser history and app activity.It showcases interesting topics through this method.For instance,if you have logged in to an app through google account then you are bound to get content pertaining to it on the discover tab.

What topics are popular on Google discover?

  • Interests on Sports & Entertainment tops the charts!

Sports related content and Entertainment news and blogs are quite popular on Google Discover.It is a sort of quick update and generally people need something different from their work related content to enjoy in their free time.

  • Your hobbies and activities

Hobby is a big deal on Google Discover as generally people would google about their hobby and would love to watch content like that.Routine activities are also popular as blogs pertaining to basic skills are googled for short term purposes.

  • Brands building their presence

It also provides platforms for brands looking out for new audiences.Blogs and updates of brands are displayed on Google Discover based on users interests.If someone is searching about shoes then they are more likely to come across articles from ‘Nike’ or ‘Adidas’ or ‘Puma’ etc.

  • SEO is a growing category!

Digital marketers are usually analyzing and studying various brands by surfing on the internet and google has noticed it quite well !.It has recently begun to showcase more articles about SEO and it now has become into a category of its own.Well, that’s very easy to learn about SEO and updates in it on Google Discover in a short recap.

  • Users can make their Google Discover feeds customized!

If you do not want curated recommendations then you can customize your content by choosing your interest and topics by clicking on ‘Show more’ and ‘Show less’.

What you must focus on to optimize your content on Google Discover?

  • News sites mostly occupy the feeds on Google Discover.News sites are very popular and their content precisely fit for such a platform.News is something that an user would like to read in a short summary and google discover provides the similar format. Short and Quick.

  • Blog posts are very prevalent on google discover.It becomes easy for readers to read any blogs and curate them on google discover rather than search for them.Almost, users like to get their blogs on google discover rather than manually searching for it. Additionally, it is beneficial to publishers and businesses to focus quickly and cater faster to their audience. The biggest difference that can be seen is that blog posts on discover have a higher open rate than blogs sent by emails.

  • Remember shelf-life on google discover is short.Most of the topics and interest have a shelf life of 3-4 days attracting traffic maximum for 1-2 days after publishing. Only evergreen and mature content enjoy longer life.

How to connect with audiences on Google Discover?

  • Mobile friendly page- Keep your page optimized for better viewing on mobile devices.You must note that your blog would be viewed on mobile and hence you must keep it clear and aligned.

  • Use high quality images- Putting a relevant and high definition header image will attract traffic as discover feeds display images on their feeds. An user will get attracted to your blog post by what quality the image looks like.

  • Create relevant and topical content- Shelf life of a content piece is less on google discover and hence you must avoid blog posts with less than 1000 words as it may not be enough to pull good traffic.Also, make content regarding certain topics and interests. Try to stay consistent with the topics on which you make content.

  • Video content is a hit!- Usually,youtube videos are found frequently on google discover.This is a new way of strategy that many businesses are using in order to grab traffic.Using a video in your blog post will also give good traffic and more recommendations to various users.Also, it is an intriguing form of content piece.

Though it is a new platform, Google Discover has quickly made its way to business strategies and has proved to be a good opportunity to grab attention of the users that are interested in ‘on-the-go’ content.Publishers have a good opportunity to get traffic from 'new users'.Google Discover rewards sites which are making relevant and relatable content.Google Discover is a useful way especially for blog owners to get their traffic discovered.

Use Google Discover to reach out to larger audiences for your business content.



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