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Zoho CRM top features in 2019.

Updated: May 16, 2020

Zoho CRM is an India made fully web-based CRM made by ZOHO corp based in ‎Chennai, India and was founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996. Zoho CRM finally launched in 2005.

The most important features of Zoho CRM are, lead and contact management.It also shows promising results in sales pipeline management and purchase control. As Zoho is focusing on providing multiple features on a single platform and is a leader in providing social platform integration and automation using AI-based technology we can see an extremely sophisticated CRM for a modern business with an easy user-friendly interface.

Zoho has solutions for small and large businesses and is considered one of the best CRM solutions present in the market for businesses of any size. It has a custom dashboard and additional tools from Zoho.

India is looked up to as the world's software hub and all major software leaders are present in India or outsource technical knowledge. There are top software companies, but Zoho is different. Zoho is a company that truly defines the meaning of make in India, its products are world-renowned and competing with top in class. Zoho's user interface and brand marketing were the two-place where it was lagging Zoho is changing all this for their own good.

Currently, in 2019 Zoho corp the maker of Zoho CRM employs more than 8000 employs in India and has zero FDI, that is its an Indian company throughout.

ZOHO CRM -"Made in India. Made for the World"

For this blog we will be mainly focusing on the main product Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM features.

Salesforce automation is the core functionality of a CRM system as CRM's main purpose is to organize contacts and that helps generate Lead and close a deal. salesforce functionality in Zoho CRM helps in a Huge way to manage leads in Zoho CRM from the start of the Lead process by Working with Leads and Converting Leads to Account management and contact management with forecasting till the deal is close Zoho CRM provides management and tagging with notification on every stage of automation.

Marketing Automation in a CRM is the set of tool or software platform functionality that helps in the marketing aspect of CRM in Zoho has an Independent tool known as Zoho marketing hub, there are campaign creation to social media market management options Zoho marketing hub also helps Get your marketing and sales team on the same page with new leads, execute targeted email marketing campaigns, and compare ad spend to sales revenue with the Google Ads integration.

Inventory management is important for the product-based business like an e-commerce site Zoho CRM helps to increase your sales and keep track Inventory with powerful stock management, warehouse management Zoho CRM has Manage Orders with End-to-end product tracking also other product from Zoho one has a seamless integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books automatically syncs all your contacts that helps menage Inventory more seamlessly.

lead analytics to activity stats and email analytics monitor every aspect of your sales cycle Zoho CRM analytics helps anywhere with predefined dashboard views. Create customized dashboards with sales analytical widgets, such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels. Make informed decisions, and start celebrating sales success with actionable data intelligence.

5-Workflow Management/Automation

Zoho CRM helps generate workflow and manage workflow management mostly in Zoho CRM helps automate in sales and support department in Zoho CRM with activity like task assignment to the team and defining creates for a task with custom rules set up with updates and other components like Email notifications - Automated email notifications sent on triggering a workflow rule. tasks - Tasks that are assigned to the users when workflow rules are triggered. Field updates - automatically updating specified field values when workflow rules are triggered.

For a CRM to work with distinct applications to synchronize the app requires the inclusion of third-party applications and for a custom app, experience API and third-party partners are present in Zoho CRM offering multiple applications and add-ons for productivity and collaboration that will enhance your effectiveness while working with sales leaders, prospects and clients. There are a collection of integrations for ordinary users of Google Accounts and also users of Google Apps, some integrations with Zoho products like Zoho Mail, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho Projects and apps like mail chimp and Microsoft office and enterprise tool.

Zoho as a CRM provides multiple channels to connect with the contact but the majority of the communication is taking place in the form of Email in most of the organization Zoho CRM Get instant alerts from deals and contacts that are most important to you right inside Zoho CRM. Respond to messages immediately, add follow-ups, and create notes when necessary.

PDF docs, RFPs, invoices, docs for comparison, guides, presentations, forms, etc. are just a few of the documents that people often use in business. These company resources can be continually changed and kept up-to-date and relevant. You need a document repository for all of these, a place where you can organize, handle and share all your company associated documents Individuals in your organization. The Documents section in Zoho CRM functions as a library where you can upload different file kinds and share them in the CRM account of the organization based on their profile permissions.

A Dashboard is an efficient way to organize reports into a single page to get a quick look at the Key Metrics. To create dashboards in minutes, Zoho Analytics offers a straightforward & intuitive drag and drop interface

Adding and Remove Components/Reports

Adding KPI Widgets

Auto Add User Filter

User Filter for Individual Reports

Social media is a huge part of communication know even for formal interaction with clients take place like on social platforms like LinkedIn and Social CRM is very important for marketing automation and monitoring with social outreach option Zoho CRM can be integrated with Zoho social a platform for social aspect from Zoho one social CRM offers Commit to opportunities and create social media leads. Enrich leads and contacts with personal information in Zoho CRM and helps you close agreements quicker with your sales force.

An approval method is a workflow that allows a customer in a sequential order to approve/reject the record presented via a form. The application administrator can generate the approval workflow by specifying the requirements that will be used to send documents for approval, setting various approval rates, and assigning an approver for each stage. you can also set the action(s) for authorization and rejection to be performed.

Zoho CRM helps followings are involved in setting up the approval process:

Create an approval workflow

Add approver

Configure actions for approval

Advance Features of Zoho CRM

Zoho provides AI ZIA The conversational AI sales assistant, Zia helps In order to predict the result of sales operations, Zia analyzes the information entered by each rep and the tasks they finish every day. Zia also provides alternatives for smarter and quicker completion of these operations. Call or chat with Zia for any data from your CRM database. Stay with your fresh sales assistant at the top of every activity.

One of the advanced features of Zoho CRM is Sales forecasting Zoho Track the efficiency of sales. To gain insight into the results of your team, break down forecasts by salesperson, team, and territory. Make better forecasts by taking into account finished sales, present objectives, closing deals, and sales pipeline shortages. The individual can Use the forecast overview to define your star performers and determine each sales team's power based on the goals they have accomplished.

It is essential that they can speak to each other when you use separate applications to store your information. If they don't interact, your information winds up in silos, and getting a full perspective of your company is nearly impossible. With Zoho Analytics powered by Advanced CRM Analytics, you can integrate your data and gain Zoho Analytics that allows you to pull data from databases, files, third-party company applications, and various Zoho applications.You can conduct a cross-functional assessment to know more about your company by linking Analytics to your CRM. For decision-making.

Awards Won By ZohoCRM

Zoho CRM has been named the Winner of PCMag’s Business Choice Awards 2019

Zoho CRM received the highest overall satisfaction rating (7.4) and achieved the rare distinction of being the only brand to get a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS) among all the other vendors in contention. We’re incredibly proud and humbled by the love that the readers of PC Mag.

This is a result of the continued love and trust that Zoho have placed in us and goes on to prove that those who use Zoho, love Zoho.

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