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Step up your PPC campaigns with the optimum use of automation and AI

Automation has become an inevitable need for organizations working in the fast-paced world.  Automating the various operations in any organization plays a significant role in improving efficiency and saving a lot of time and effort. The digital marketing scenario is no different and marketers today have a wide choice of softwares that enables them to do effective marketing in different channels. Many of the arduous and pivotal tasks related to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing can be automated to create high performing campaigns.PPC Automation allows teams to focus more on adding more value to the campaigns by invoking creativity and coming up with great ideas to make the voice of your brand more clear and concise, rather than focusing on several mundane tasks.

Automating PPC marketing efforts helps organizations to enjoy the benefits of pay per clicks without having to fret about keywords , bidding, and competitor’s campaigns. All these can be left out to smart PPC automation tools that can make a lot of changes to the way you work with your PPC campaigns otherwise.

Why AUTOMATE PPC?-It's Benefits

PPC automation when done right can have prodigious benefits by speeding up the entire PPC marketing process and bring in higher Return on Investments(ROI). You just need to set your parameters through conditional logic and have scripts, for these tools to get the job done.

Automated Research

By automating keyword research and competitor research, you can identify and create new keywords and placements to target for your PPC campaigns. You can automatically target the keywords your competitors are bidding for.

Try different combinations of Ad copy based on location, device and other factors and see which works best to improve your click-through and conversion rates.

Automated Ad Testing

In-depth analysis that you cannot find in your PPC or analytics dashboard to gain actionable insights and gather data that matters to you really.

Automated Reporting

PPC automation helps you get rid of doing many laborious and repetitive tasks and save your precious time to focus on other ways to increase your productivity.

Time Saving

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PPC Management Tools

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Google Ads Editor is a free tool that helps manage your PPC campaigns in Google Ads. You can download editors for one or more of your Google Ad accounts, make changes to your campaigns offline in the editor and then upload the changes to Google Ads whenever you want. The tool becomes so handy to make changes in bulk easily to your campaigns and saves you a lot of time.


A premier Google partner that offers a platform for creating and managing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. The software helps businesses maximize results from Ad campaigns by giving  the tools to build and manage them across platforms. With its 20-Minute PPC Work Week, the wordstream advisor tool gives recommendations to optimize your PPC campaigns in just 20 minutes a week.


Optmyzr is an award-winning platform - Best PPC Management Software at US Search Awards. The software offers advertisers and marketing agencies tools to automate PPC account management. Their One-Click Optimization, Quality Score Tracker, Landing Page Checker, Data Analysis, and Reporting solutions are capable to save immense time and efforts required in running successful PPC campaigns.

PPC Keywords & Competitors Research Tools


SEMRush - A competitor research tool allowing you to spy on your competitors. Just need to search for any competitor and you get to download their keywords and learn their PPC & SEO tricks.


Get accurate and up-to-date information about your competitor using this competitor intelligence tool and spy on their online marketing efforts.

Spyfu is a competitor research tool allowing you to spy on your competitors. Just need to search for any competitor and you get to download their keywords and learn their PPC & SEO tricks.

PPC Landing Page Tools


The most popular landing page tool offering more than 80 templates for any type of landing page you need- be it products, sales, lead generation, ebooks, or whatever, you can easily find a stunning landing page template in Unbounce.


LeadPages is a wonderful landing page tool that has a simple landing page builder, as well as dozens of landing page templates to choose from for any niche you are looking for.

PPC Ad Copy Inspiration

BuzzSumo is an awesome market research tool that shows you the most shared content across the web for any keyword, niche or topic you are looking for. You can also search by site, author, etc. You get a clear idea of the taste of the target audience. The insights and inspiration from the results can be used to generate ideas and create high performing content for your Ad campaigns.


Answer the Public is a free keyword research tool that gives keywords in the form of questions that are related to your topics. These questions can give you a picture of  the problems your prospects are having and what they are looking for. Answering these questions with your Ad copy is a great way to optimize your PPC Ad copies.



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