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India’s Best and Most Complete SEO Services for
News & Publishing

News Website SEO Requires Expert Handling. Here’s why…

Making a mark in Google News and Google Web is tough in today's environment but Web-StepUp will make it easy for you !

Our Clientele

Our clients include some of the top names in the Digital Media News & Publishing industry


SEO Audit – What We Do For You?

The first step towards successful SEO is an audit.

We leverage a data-driven approach to do a result-oriented audit of your website.

Competitor Research Audit

Competition Research is a detailed audit that provides insights into your competitors’ strategies and market. It will help you discover your USP and get a leg-up on the competition. 

Architecture Audit

This involves conducting an in-depth analysis of the architectural layout and structure of your website, including your web code pages.

Comprehensive Keyword Audit

Our SEO Audit Services plan measures the ranking for your current list of targeted keywords. We also create a benchmark depending on your historical insights and previous ads.

Site Speed Audit

Site Speed, in SEO audit services, refers to the time it takes for your website or a webpage to load. Determining this will help improve your site speed for both mobile and desktop where the bandwidths are different.

On-Page Audit

We undertake a rigorous investigation of your URL, meta tags, and alt tags and provide you keyword-based solutions to enhance and implement tags effectively.

Image and Video Optimization Audit

Images and Videos are an integral part of digital marketing today. Via this audit, we will help you optimize your images and videos for SEO.

Editorial Audit

 This is an assessment of your top and trending stories from an editorial, SEO, and design perspective. We will assess these factors and provide you content that matches your niche.

Technical Website Audit

Technical Website Audit will identify the web and technical programming issues on your website and fix them.

E.A.T. Audit

E.A.T. is a ranking factor for Google which brings authority and trustworthiness to your site. It includes expertise from creator's creative content and link building from recognized sites. We will check these factors and provide solutions to improve on them.

Why Choose Web-StepUp?

We are the only agency in India with a dedicated focus towards news publishers and apps.

We have extensive experience in scenarios involving large sites with dynamic content.

We have a dedicated team to manage tech issues which impact SEO in publishing.

We’ve fostered successful relationships with leading publishers in the country.



Rahul Shrivastava - CEO


The team has a good understanding of the latest trends in the media industry. This differentiates them from other agencies


Prashant Singh -

Ex-Product Manager

Getting the right technical and data analytics insight is what product SEO is all about. The team has the necessary skills for that


Sandeep Sarma - Digital Marketing Head

We sought their help to do a full fledged CMS audit before getting their advice for the SEO of our digital entertainment properties.


Darshan Beloshe - SEO Manager 


The team did a great job of helping us out with various aspects of SEO of our main movie news site.

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