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SEM and

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing campaign allows the business to rapidly scale up traffic on the website as well as conversions. Today paid marketing has moved much beyond just Google AdWords. It involves a wide choice of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and also niche platforms like SlideShare. With social media paid campaigns you can talk it the profile of the person who is searching and not merely the search term. So it is possible to target people with specific interest hobbies jobs and associations and much more.



In the case of Google AdWords, all the traffic comes to the landing page and from our experience, we know that even minor tricks to your landing page can result in performance terms for your AdWords campaign. Also having a structured campaign is perhaps the most important part of an AdWords campaign. It's important to have a structure that is aligned with your marketing objectives and also allows you to experiment with some of the new ideas.


We are especially skilled in the modern aspects of Search Engine Marketing like remarketing and display based marketing. Another area of specialization is YouTube ads which involve automation and opportunity in SCM Several automation bidding strategies help businesses reach a variety of objectives. Then they are dynamic search ads that offer an automated solution for businesses that have multiple landing pages and which need to sync search ads with these multiple pages. Reporting in Google Ads can today be automated for any level of the report for metrics.

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