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How Publisher can Leverage Google Discover

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The predictive aspect of Google Discover is one of its key features. It provides a glimpse into a future where AI assistants will be able to give the user what they want without the need for a traditional search. And while, particularly in its early stages, Google Discover has the ability to increase a publisher’s site visibility and drive organic traffic, constant algorithm changes have caused frustration for sites looking to appear in the Google Discover feed.

Understanding Discover: beyond search
Google Discover delivers a mixture of information based on users’ interests, coupled with what is trending and what Google believes is relevant for these users.

In short, Google wants to offer the most relevant content available for that user at that moment.
This requires an even better understanding of your audience, which goes well beyond keywords alone.

Shorter-form vs. long-form content?
A shorter or longer-form content will depend upon the search intent (another buzzword in the SEO world). In simple terms, if I’m asking “what is Google Discover” my intent might be purely informational. This makes me want to understand the topic at a more in-depth level, thus a longer piece might work. However, also for people searching for such a query, a good chunk of them might just want a simple, straight answer. Thus, they might look for the definition and then leave the article.

Update your content frequently
As you know Google and Users like fresh content.
If Google were to serve an article about what’s the best restaurant in town, which is dated to 2017 that might be very disappointing for the user to find out that the restaurant doesn’t exist anymore.

Therefore, if you have pieces that might become less relevant as they provide outdated information. Make sure to update them, change the publication date to signal Google that you made important changes to the article, and index that again.

Build your knowledge graph
A Knowledge Graph is a semantic representation of your website. I like to call it a “modern sitemap or a sitemap of meanings.”

Course PPT

In this ppt, you will get practical guidance to check google trends. 
The following points are discussed in this PPT 

  • What is Google Discover all about 

  • The intensity of coverage planning 

  • Content - Format, layout, and styles 

  • Recommendation 

Another Helpful Video

In this video, you will learn five different ways to optimize your content so that you can appear in Google Discover and ultimately get more traffic.
Steps to Appear in Google Discover

  • Unique images and video

  • Structured data

  • Topical and evergreen articles 

  • Reddit and Quora 

  • Remember E-A-T

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