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Organic Lead Generation for Software and B2B Businesses

High ROI tactics - executed in tandem - to create awareness and interaction opportunities and to capture demand

Thinking OUTSIDE of the Funnel

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Pre-entering the funnel:

Research shows that as much as 60% of B2B buying decisions are made even before the prospect enters your sales funnel. Before you can even make a sales pitch, he has consumed relevant information via social media, product comparison sites, paid ads, blog posts, third party guest posts, online reviews, white papers, conferences, influencer referrals, and the like.

Once in the funnel:

This being the case, once a prospect is in your sales funnel, your job is not so much to sell as to make sure you keep the prospect on the right track.

Once through the funnel:

And once you sell, a customer must not, like before, go off your radar. His after-sales experience is what can make or break your brand in the form of his reviews. In a way, he re-enters the starting point and can now be a repeat buyer or an influencer for someone else to enter the funnel, depending on the experience he left with. 

It is important to understand that today’s consumer behavior on social media isn't such that it would immediately lead to a purchase. What happens is a cumulative effect – of seeing the product mentioned more than once by peers, influencers, ads – which ultimately leads the prospect in. 

Tactics Used

We help you do what you’re doing better, uncover blind spots, and focus attention where you need to.

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Lead Generation through Customized Email Campaigns

Prospecting leads that drive business and customizing our approach to convert them into clients:

  • developing an ongoing email program to secure new prospects

  • adopting best practices to beat spam filters consistently

  • achieving better targeting via optimized sequences

Domain Authority Building Through Strong Email Copies

Writing content pieces that make your prospect hit the ‘reply’ button and build reputation around your domain as a ‘resourceful’ and ‘reliable’ product:

  • uncovering the latent needs of recipients and crafting emails that speak to them

  • developing persuasive copy in keeping with your brand

  • developing solid domain reputation harnessing tech processes

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Bulk and Promotional Mail Activity

Creating impactful bulk campaigns for efficient and impactful promotion of your products:

  • talking about your product and promoting it among the audience

  • taking care of critical aspects such as Timing, Creative Offer, and Domain Reputation 

  • channeling services like Amazon SES

Social Selling on Quora, Reddit
and Twitter

Taking your business and brand beyond your social handles and database and towards related category conversations on Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to increase visibility and achieve global visibility:

  • brand monitoring, mentions, and posts via efficient tools like Awario, Hootsuite, etc.

  • identifying active prospects, and posts to interact with via likes, shares, comments, etc. 

  • building a list of keywords and hashtags to identify intent and keeping a daily check on messages and tweets related to these 

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Individual and Company based Targeting on Linkedin

Taking the right approach by curbing the enthusiasm to sell and instead identifying the signals to zero in on the right prospects and accounts:

  • adopting best practices to reach out to them and ensure visibility 

  • optimal utilization of Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Discussions

  • constant monitoring of relevant professional accounts

Competition Analysis- Monitoring their Activities

Through various ORM tools and manual monitoring, updating you on the strategies your competitors are applying to garner leads and drawing insights from it:

  • checking competitors’ followers and monitoring which prospects they are talking to

  • researching new competitor events and monitoring them for attendee prospects

  • monitoring engagement with competitor posts, tweets, etc.

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Affiliates and Partnerships

Helping you identify and manage affiliate and partnership relationships, decide on the nature of activities to be done, have trusty influencers vouch for your products:

  • making sure you don’t miss out on mid-tier opportunities such as an industry newsletter or a blog

  • reaching out, negotiating, and finalizing activities to be done with influencers

  • setting up a full-fledged affiliate program where other websites can be your partners and drive traffic

Events and Podcasts

Taking you where your audience is via the best form of digital PR which has strong influencer and third-party validation built in:

  • taking care of everything, from conceptualization to publishing your podcast

  • helping you organize the right kind of event - whether it is a single webinar, a webinar series, paid event, or an on-demand video series or sometimes a conversation with an influencer

  • helping in reaching out to the right kind of prospects for your event and the post event communication

You could also do an event on our own platform

Bridge Gap

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Reputation Building on LinkedIn

Building on the fact that decision-makers follow other people and not companies and that content quality from top management social handles matters a lot:

  • adopting account-based strategy - targeting accounts and not individuals and building lead lists

  • channelising InMails which are a powerful way to reach the top management of companies and setting up messages for the same

  • building a persona, daily tracking of audience activities/alerts, and doing customized outreach

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?


We understand the B2B buying funnel completely and hence are equipped to service the needs of B2B companies.


We excel in both awareness building (LinkedIn, email, social selling) and demand capture (PPC, Ads, SEO)


We start from the roots - by understanding your ICP (ideal customer profile) and their online media behavior.

Most agencies rush to the tactics. We spend a lot of time on the strategy and communication paths for reaching out to your ICP


We have worked with both start-ups and established B2B brands and with us, lead generation will be a hassle-free process

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