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E-Commerce SEO 

We help you to list your app on app stores and rank better by using relevant keywords that are trending in your niche category. Set up you app store page with us today!

Some of our Clients

Some E-commerce businesses that we've helped:

SEO Audit Components

An audit is the first step towards successful SEO. Leverage our data driven approach to do a result-oriented audit of your site.

Competitor Research Audit

Study your competitor's strategies and promotional tactics, learn how to get good backlinks and much more....Research your market and build your website with keywords that trending in your niche category.

Marketplace Audit

Each online marketplace has its own unique requirements, product categories, listing fees, and audiences. We will help you to be upfront in these marketplaces to meet their specified requirements.

Architecture Audit

For an Ecommerce website, site architecture is the most important factor. It is how you set the navigation from category pages, to product pages & related product pages etc.

Keyword Audit

When optimizing the most important pages on a site, we take into account relevancy, ranking difficulty, and search volume. Our keywords analysis includes identification of keywords with commercial intent. We will help you to find out keywords that are trending in your niche category.

Platform Audit

Choosing a right platform to host your ecommerce website is an important decision. During our audit, we will assess and analyze the platform chosen by you and give insightful solutions on it.

E.A.T. Audit

E.A.T. is a ranking factor for Google. It includes expertise from creator's creative content, link building from recognized sites brings authority and trustworthiness to your site. We will check for these factors and provide you with solutions to improve on it.

On Page Audit

On-page SEO for ecommerce is all about making sure your keywords are in the right places.

We will help to do On-page SEO for eCommerce category pages, product pages and blog content 

Off Page Audit

Link building is typically the most prevalent and substantial part of off-page SEO for any type of business. It’s a great way to extract the most benefits of eCommerce SEO.

Product Catalog Audit

The reason behind carrying out product analysis is to make sure that the end user gets what they're looking for in Google Analytics

Technical Audit

Our detailed technical audit includes identifying the BIG issues that is holding back your website.We will analyze your website and formulate a plan to fix the errors.

Content Audit

Content auditing is another essential part of your website audit, if not the most important. In the end, your whole website is built around content.

It also provides the necessary insights so you can fine-tune your content strategy for better performance.

Site Speed Audit

Research shows that 40% of people leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Don’t lose out on sales because your website is too slow. We make sure to optimize your source code to tackle that problem.



Rahul Shrivastava - CEO


The team has a good understanding of the latest trends in the media industry. This differentiates them from other agencies


Prashant Singh -

Ex-Product Manager

Getting the right technical and data analytics insight is what product SEO is all about. The team has the necessary skills for that


Sandeep Sarma - Digital Marketing Head

We sought their help to do a full fledged CMS audit before getting their advice for the SEO of our digital entertainment properties.


Darshan Beloshe - SEO Manager 


The team did a great job of helping us out with various aspects of SEO of our main movie news site.

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