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Google Analytics for Digital Publishers - Reporting & GA4


Google announced that the end of Universal Analytics is in sight. On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing new data. This is a move to push users to Google Analytics 4 as the new go-to solution for monitoring web activity, and it’s also the most significant change Google Analytics has ever made.

Google Analytics 4 will provide publishers and media companies with a foundation to understand how their visitors are behaving on their web properties - there are limitations on what GA4 can tell you. 

If you want to power your marketing strategy with even more first-party data, you need a system that can help you make sense of user data signals coming from every system in your tech stack - not just on your website! 

Some templates reports you can use on GA 4 are as follows.

Free form

find more about your users with custom charts. You can visualize your data in a table or a graph and arrange your rows and columns to your liking. Add multiple metrics to compare them side by side. You can also refine your analysis with the use of segments and filters.

Cohort Analysis

One of the most common reports created in regards to customer retention is cohort analysis. Which is based on grouping website visitors or customers in regards to a common attribute and then analyzing their behaviour. For example by acquisition date.

Funnel Exploration 

Use this report to be able to track and visualize the steps your customers took before completing a conversion. This can be a purchase or a sign-up to your newsletter.

Path exploration 

Find out how your website visitors are interacting with your website. Where are they coming from and where do they go? Use this to further understand what content they most enjoy interacting with.

Segment Overlap 

This report allows you to compare up to three different user segments and see how they relate to each other. Basically, it’s a technique where you can visualize the relationship between the segments to maybe even uncover new ones.

User Explorer 

This template lets you isolate and examine individual users that aggregate user behaviour. Understanding individual behaviour may be useful when trying to create a more personalized user experience. Or when you want to analyze a user with unusual behaviour.

Course Video

In this podcast, our Founder Kaushik Mhadeshwar talks about all that's changed in the new GA-4. For all those marketing managers, this podcast is a must for you if you're still struggling with GA.
The following points discussed in this podcast 

  • No views

  • Bounce Rate

  • Goals and Events

  • Not seeing user journeys

  • Not seeing Traffic acquisition reports

Another Helpful Video

In this video, Brian Park, sales engineer for Google Marketing Platform shares how Google Analytics 4 can be used to generate insights and how you can build audiences to reach in your digital ad campaigns.
The following points discussed in this video 

  • Intro

  • Home

  • Reports

  • Explorations

  • Configure

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