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Google Search Console Reporting For Digital Publishers


Search Console’s Google News report can be used to determine how numerous times a website’s articles have been shown to users in Google News, and how numerous times those articles have been clicked on. 
formerly, it wasn't possible to seclude this specific set of data, which makes this a meaningful update to publishers. 
This report is now active in Search Console for any site that appears in Google News. If you don't see this report for your site it probably means your articles don't constantly appear in Google News. 
Publishers used to be needed to submit their site to be eligible for the Google News app and website, but that's no longer the case. 

Five ways to use Google Search Console:
1. Identify priorities for your search strategy
2. Easily identify winners' week-over-week
3. Identify “low-hanging fruit” to optimize
4. Remove URLs you don’t want on search
5. Analyze single URLs

Course Video


Another Helpful Video

In this video from Google Search Central, John Mueller talks about Google Search Console and various reporting frameworks and how to look for reports in it easily.

Following points are discussed in this video:

  • Page experience ranking factor

  • Product review ranking

  • Search Console URL Inspection API

  • Moving on from universal analytics

  • Community milestone

  • New robots tag

  • Search Console Insights

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