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How to Optimize News Website Architecture?


Course Video

Online newspaper design can be fascinating to analyse. It doesn’t matter what type of news they cover, they all face the challenge of employing content-rich layout on the home page. This is especially true for mobile newspapers, the medium brings about usability and navigational issues for the designer as well as monetization challenges for the publisher.

News websites can be intriguing to examine from a design perspective. Regardless of what type of news they cover, they all face the challenge of displaying a huge amount of content on the home page, which creates plenty of layout, usability and navigational challenges for the designer. The lessons that can be learned from examining how news websites address these challenges can be valuable for designers who work with other types of websites, including ones with blog theme designs.

Having a well-structured website with a trendy and modern look will outshine other brands. 

In this complete News website tutorial, you will get step by step how to create a news website and its architecture. 
The following points are covered in this video 

  • Get a domain name and Webhosting

  • Setting up WordPress

  • The Frontend and Backend

  • The Newspaper theme

  • Setting up the Newspaper theme - Layout and Architecture

  • Your first blog post

  • Configure the look and feel of your blog posts

  • The Sidebar

  • Categories

Another Helpful Video

In this video, you'll learn the best practices for creating website architecture for SEO.  If you want to rank higher on Google, make sure to watch until the end.
Following Points discussed in this video 

  • Why does site architecture matter for SEO  

  • Content Silos & Clusters 

  • Content Depth 

  • Internal Linking for SEO  

  • Tags & Categories 

  • SEO Quick Tips

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