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ORM Activities for Keeping a Tab on Online Presence

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Google shares the credibility of a business in the form of reviews and ratings. If reports are to be believed, about 90% of people assessing a business and organisation or even a product go by reading online reviews before deciding.


“Why ORM is important” can be explained by digital publishers who need to establish communication. A brand sincere enough to communicate to its customers will build and maintain a reputation.


A negative online presence or zero presence severely impacts the business reputation. It impacts a business in terms of closing business deals, bringing new employees, sales and turnover. Most companies work without knowing the importance of online reputation or without having a reputation at all.


Publishers need to analyse their online presence. As a business owner, search your own business, its people, products, and services on the internet and see what people are saying. The analysis of reviews and ratings will help gather positive feedback and counter loopholes if any. You will get hold of several aspects and issues that people talk about and easily counter them by regularly monitoring your online presence.

Course PPT

In this PPT, we have explained ORM activities through different approaches with examples 
The following points discussed in this PPT 

  • Getting lead through ORM activities 

  • ORM tools examples 

  • Track brand mentions in social sites 

  • Reddit and Quora activities 

  • Quora commenting in groups and spaces 

  • Reddit posts examples in communities 

  • Reddit popular trending section and category 

Another Helpful Video

In this video, you will learn to manage your online reputation with the following tips 

  • Create a Social Media presence 

  • Careful about what you say online. 

  • Make Sure Social Media Channels' privacy settings are correct 

  • Ask your audience 

  • Monitor sites like Yelp for reviews 

  • Respond quickly to negative reviews 

  • Respond to positive reviews too 

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