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Common Cribs of GA4

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

(1) Not seeing Traffic acquisition reports

These show you tactic-wise the traffic on the site - So for example..

It’s a surprising omission from Google, may be addressed in the next set of reports.

It’s something marketing managers have religiously followed. (Report pic)

This comprehensive suite of traffic reporting options makes Universal Analytics useful out of the box for many users.

(2) Not seeing user journeys

There is a ready-made report - Which for example will show that X percentage of users came in from the homepage and then dropped, etc..

For example, you no longer have a behavior flow report in the new interface. But again, there is a replacement of sorts in GA4. Here, we recommend using the path exploration report or the funnel exploration report

(3) Goals and Events

These can’t be copied and need to be re-implemented

(4) Bounce Rate

For example, losing the bounce rate metric in GA4 upset many users. However, the new metrics of engagement rate and page value make up for this loss and provide a more comprehensive understanding of your performance. In short, this change was a good one, and there are many others that are very positive.

(5) No views: One cornerstone of Universal Analytics is the ability to configure views. By using views, you can have a place for testing and can clean up your data by filtering out internal traffic. You can also have a raw view and a view for anything else you need.

But, you’ll quickly notice that GA4 doesn’t use views. And, there may be no plan to add views to GA4 anytime in the future either


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