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Digital Best Practices for a Modern Recruiter in 2019

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

A lot of recruiting managers have a tough time trying to figure out how digital fits in their scheme of things. And honestly, HR tech vendors have not helped given the way ‘recruitment tech’ is marketed. (its marketed using buzzwords, period.)

So here is a quick list

(1) Mobile friendly career pages : Yes, 80% job seekers will look you up on the mobile. It’s anyways kind of touch to apply on the go but at least let them get a good idea of the job description and maybe bookmark the page.

(2) Well written job descriptions : Including it as a digital best practice because ‘web copy’ fundamentals need to be followed. It should be easy to skim through and appeal to the career aspirations of the job seeker. Strict no-no : Over-arching JD’s which expect the moon when it comes to skills and qualifications. (90% of the JD’s that you see on job boards fall in this category)

(3) CRM : Not Customer relationship management but Candidate relationship management. This is where recruitment and marketing cross. It’s important to ‘KNOW’ your candidates and get the full view rather than just have his resume which typical ATS (Application tracking systems) do. More and More of the modern recruiter’s time is going to go in developing a relationship with candidates and CRM is going to give him/her the data and insights for doing this.

(4) Chatbots : A chatbot helps you to achieve the SAME level of conversation enthusiasm with EVERY job seeker which is impossible to achieve with humans. And they can be intelligent — which is they can help you to match-make with the minimum number of questions. And also can be programmed to be human like. Do you like chatting on whatsapp or filling a form ? Just this answer will tell you why chatbots have a great future.

(5) Social recruiting : It’s not hype. Passive recruiting is in. And social media is where smart recruiters play. Every recruiter is on job boards and Linkedin. And every smart recruiter knows that the ROI of the effort is better on social media. Here is a quick video of an example courtesy

(6) AI : Were you wondering how AI has not made it to the list of recruitment tech so far :)). Yes, one of the biggest use cases is resume screening but the jury is still out on how much of more hard core AI can be used in the process of recruiting.

(7) SEO : If i search for ‘shift manager profile in coffee shop’ would it not be great if Starbucks could get it’s one of its blog posts around this ranked for this ? That’s what good SEO does.

So that’s it.

More soon.



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